If you want to know how long walk cream cheese last past its finest buy date, you’re on the right page! Generally, unopened cream cheese deserve to last for around 3 – 4 weeks in the fridge and up to 2 month in the freezer.

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As much as opened up cream cheese is concerned, it have the right to last for as much as 2 mainly in the fridge.

Beyond finest buy dateFridgeFreezer
Unopened cream cheese3 – 4 Weeks2 Months
Opened cream cheese1 – 2 Weeks


Checking for indications of spoilage in cream cheese is as easy as pie. All you need to do is usage your senses.

First, you have the right to look the end for any kind of discolorations. If you an alert that your cream cheese had turned pale or yellowish and has mold formation, these room clear indications that the cheese has actually gone bad.

How to correctly store cream cheese to extend its shelf life?

Cream cheese is a dairy products product. Hence, comparable to other dairy products such together yogurt, butter, or buttermilk, cream cheese demands to it is in stored in the refrigerator at every times.

Make sure to store both opened and also unopened cream cheese in the fridge. Once you open up the cream cheese container, always cover the well as soon as not in use.

Can cream cheese go bad?

Yes, favor all food products, cream cheese will at some point go bad. Cream cheese walk last because that up to 2 to three weeks previous its best-by date, noted you save it in the fridge.

However, after ~ a particular period, the cream cheese will certainly start shedding its quality and also go bad.

Can you frozen a cream cheese?

Yes, you can freeze cream cheese. Frozen cream cheese deserve to last you for up to 2 months.

However, as soon as you freeze the cream cheese, note that friend wouldn’t gain its smooth and soft texture anymore.

Interesting facts around cream cheese:

Here are some amazing facts around cream cheese:

In the U.S, Philadelphia is the most well-known cream cheese brand.

Did friend know? The FDA regulation Handbook has an entire section solely on Cream Cheese.

Cream cheese has actually tons of delicious flavors and variations out there, including cream cheese frosting, truffle, and lots more.

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You’ll an alert that every cream cheese containers come through a best prior to date. However, don’t confuse this through an expiration date. You deserve to still use cream cheese because that a particular amount that time, even past its best before dates. Just make certain to follow the above storage and also shelf life guidelines.



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