Canned tuna is a clip food that deserves its location in everyone pantry. It deserve to be used in a number of dishes and also it has fantastic shelf life thanks to the sturdy packaging.

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Canned foods are inexpensive, basic to store, and are excellent back-up foods.This crate food (canned meat) is an excellent for tuna salad and also tuna fish sandwiches. That lasts longer than fresh tuna and also spoilage is minimal with unopened crate tuna.

While the shelf life is longer for crate foods, including tuna, there still is an expiration date on the can to abide by.

However, us all have actually a fear story of how an incorrect expiration date traumatized us and also put us off eat the food ever again.Bad canned tuna deserve to make you sick and also we"re not talking around mercury poisoning. Raw fish itself demands to be tackled with care. Box fish have the right to be tackled a little differently. Tinned tuna can reason food poisoning if handled inappropriately.


No one desires to be put off eat tuna fish again, i beg your pardon is why we’re right here to defend you from the worry of dorn expiration dates. Now we’ll it is in looking in ~ nine methods to tell if your canned tuna has gone bad.

If you read our article and also find the your box tuna is displaying indications that it might be off, you need to throw that in the trash right away. Friend can obtain ill native consuming bad tuna, for this reason don’t hazard your wellness for some tuna fish.

Checking the expiration date

Canned tuna has actually a much longer shelf life than tuna fish outside of a can. It can surprise you to understand that tuna have the right to be stored within a sealed can for up to three to 5 years!

This is an amazing length of time that surprises many human being when they very first realize how long the tuna could have been kicking around in the can.

Your crate tuna usually has actually an expiration date printed on the deserve to which speak you how long the food is good for. The date is normally taken into consideration a ‘best by’ date, definition that you have to consume it prior to this date.

While the tuna can be quiet edible after this date, the manufacturer can not take responsibility for that if it goes negative as it’s previous the expiration date.

If you’ve discovered a have the right to of tuna in the ago of her pantry previous its expiration date that you’re not sure around the freshness of, keep reading to discover out.

Ways to tell if your canned tuna is bad

1. Read the can

The easiest way to call if your canned tuna is still great is to review the expiration day on the can.

The much longer the day has been passed, the much more likely that is the your tuna fish will be bad. If you worried about your tuna going bad, make sure to eat the food before this date has surpassed.

Some civilization do not desire to open up a can that contains negative tuna fish. If you’re particularly worried about this, we would recommend not letting it get to this point.

However, if you’ve uncovered a have the right to that you’ve forgotten around and want to understand if it’s tho good, friend should check the day first.

If the day has surpassed and also you’re already skeptical about the quality of the tuna inside of the can, use the rest of the tips listed below to phone call you even if it is you need to throw the have the right to out or even if it is it’s still an excellent to eat.

2. A fishy smell

It’s no secret that fish doesn’t constantly smell the best, an especially if it’s been left in a can for who knows just how long! one of the easiest means to phone call if her fish is poor is to brace yourself and also open the can.

Once you’ve popped the lid, you could get an overpowering smell of fish, oil, and salt. If you are a consistent canned tuna user, friend should understand the smell the we’re introduce to here.

However, if you open the can and the smell is altered you can have a have the right to of bad tuna on your hands.

The smell we’re introduce to below is an acidic smell. The have the right to won’t odor of regular tuna fish if it’s gone bad, yet rather it will certainly smell ‘off’. If you notification a smell choose this you could want to take precautions and throw the can right out.

Wash her hands thoroughly and also disinfect almost everywhere that the tuna brine might have splashed while you were opening the can. This will certainly ensure the there is no spoiled fish approximately you.

3. Leaking liquids

A leaking can indicates that the tuna fish has not been preserved in the exactly way, for this reason you must throw her tuna out best away.

If over there is a leak, it means that the meat has not been maintained properly and therefore is no guaranteed come be for sure to eat.

Canned foods items are push sealed to promote freshness. If the have the right to is leaking or has actually been popped, this freshness has actually been compromised.

Even if the meat look at fine and smells fine, we recommend the you don’t hazard it and also just litter it straight right into the trash.

4. Corroded metal

Your crate tuna will certainly be resident in a steel can. While steel is a fairly strong and also durable material, that is still no invincible.

Metal can rust and also become corroded if it’s not stored correctly, which might make her tuna go poor quicker 보다 it should.

Rust and corrosion have the right to make small holes in the metal can which might influence the keeping process.

Moisture and air will have the ability to get right into the can and affect the top quality of the tuna fish. If over there are any type of signs the corrosion or rust on her can, you could want to throw it out.

5. The color

Tuna fish is typically a pinky, irradiate brown shade when it’s new in the can. Checking the color before you eat her canned tuna have the right to assure you the your food is still good to eat.

However, carry out not eat her tuna if there are any spots of discoloration.

These could be dark brown, green, or black. Discolored tuna is certainly not for sure to eat so you shouldn’t even think around it. If you’re not supplied to utilizing canned tuna and also don’t know the usual color that it need to be, err on the next of caution.

Use the other methods that we’ve pointed out to watch if her canned tuna appears bad. If you worried about the suspicious color and the can is showing more signs that it’s gone bad, throw the tuna fish away.

6. The shade - continued

We want to reiterate the the color of your tuna is really important. Some tuna looks brown in the can and also is still safe to eat. But we simply said the dark brown tuna is not safe come eat? us know, and also here is wherein it it s okay a small trickier.

Brown tuna is quiet edible when the brown piece are warmth brown in color. In various other words, the tuna will have a red hue while still being brown. If the tuna is dark brown through cool undertones, the tuna have to not be eaten.

We favor to think of it together if the fish is red and also looks ‘alive’, that fine to eat. However, if the fish is grey and lifeless you do not do it eat it. Make sure you’re only eating tuna through red undertones rather than grey ones.

7. Explosion!

We bet that you didn’t recognize that cans might explode as soon as they’re in your pantry simply minding their very own business, walk you? if this is very uncommon, that still can happen and is a sure sign that something is wrong v the canned tuna.

However, together the tuna is probably anywhere your pantry many thanks to the exploding can, you might not be able to eat any type of of it anyway. Just clean up and also throw all of the tuna away, making certain that girlfriend disinfect anywhere that the fish touched.

A have the right to of tuna can additionally explode once you popular music the have the right to yourself. The tuna can shoot out of the opening thanks to the pressure. This can display you the the deserve to was defective and not maintaining the tuna correctly.

If the tuna have the right to explodes, simply throw it all away and start again with a new can. The deserve to might also be bulging indigenous the optimal or bottom. If the deserve to looks favor it’s going to explode or walk explode once you open up it, get rid of the fish.

8. The high quality of the can

As you have the right to see, the deserve to is an extremely important when you’re checking the quality of her tuna fish.

You should also look for dents in the have the right to as these can change the expiration day significantly. Dents room not always sinister, but it’s sometimes worth checking the dents beforehand.

Dents in the lid of your canned tuna room the worst come find, therefore be specifically cautious the these. The dent can indicate that the pressurization within the can has been altered, influence the conservation of the tuna fish.

Many human being don’t understand it, however dents in the sheathe of canned tuna have the right to promote the development of salmonella and also other unwanted bacteria.

So, we extremely recommend only using box tuna with pristine can be ~ that have actually no dents or damage to them.

9. Take a bite

No, we’re severe - the easiest means to watch whether her tuna fish is great or negative is to take a small bite and also see exactly how it tastes. Acquisition a small bite of poor tuna shouldn’t harm you, so this is safe to carry out so.

If the tuna has actually an ‘off’ taste or tastes acidic, spit it out directly away and also throw the fish out. Us would never risk eating something that doesn’t taste just how it would normally, especially if it’s past the expiration date.

Storing crate tuna properly

To avoid your crate tuna going bad, you have to store it far from sunlight and also heat.

A kitchen cupboard or pantry would certainly be ideal for her tuna. Make sure that the cans room stored somewhere the they cannot fall and become compromised.

Keep the can be ~ dry too to protect against corrosion from forming on the cans. We would likewise recommend maintaining them somewhere the you’re no going to forget about them. Eat them prior to the expiration date and also you won’t have to worry about whether the meat is bad or not.

We understand that it can be tempting as soon as you find a sweet deal at the grocery save on multiple cans of tuna because that a short price. Those the harm in stocking up? you ask, before taking castle home and also forgetting about them nearly instantly.

Only save as lot tuna together you should prevent friend from absent the expiration dates. If hoarding canned items sounds an excellent in theory, you could just end up wasting all of your money because that nothing.

Once you open a have the right to of tuna fish, you should remove the leftover tuna indigenous the can and place it in a bowl. Sheathe the bowl through plastic wrap and store that in the refrigerator. Canned tuna have to only be left in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Leaving it for any kind of longer might cause it come go poor before you can use it all up. Some world like to err on the side of caution and also throw out any kind of tuna the they nothing use appropriate away. It’s as much as you even if it is you desire to use it in ~ the following day or not.


We hope that you’ve discovered some advantageous information in ~ our article today. Canned foods items are generally safe to eat lengthy after they’ve been canned as result of the preservation procedure that the have the right to creates.

However, you should constantly put your health first and ensure the your tuna is edible.

There are a few distinctive means to ensure that your tuna is an excellent before girlfriend eat it. Firstly, check the date and see if over there are any distinct issues with the can.

Rust, dents, and also holes are telltale indications that her tuna might not be an excellent to eat anymore.

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Once you open the can, the smell, color, and taste of the tuna will be able to tell you even if it is you have the right to use the meat or not. As soon as in doubt, litter it out. A possibly negative can the tuna is no worth risking your health and wellness for.