Tamales are a renowned component of Mexican cuisine and society. They consist of a corn-based starchy situation dubbed masa with a variety of different filling alternatives, steamed in a banana leaf or a husk.

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Such fillings include pork, vegetables, cheese, fruit, and even more. 

Tamales represent a huge part of Mexican culture as the earliest tamale-making tasks date earlier to the ancient Mayan society. They were made and also consumed in times of celebration.

As they are generally made in big batches for celebratory events and household gatherings, it’s not frequently that every single tamale have the right to be consumed. 


So, deserve to you freeze tamales? The answer is: yes! You have the right to freeze cooked or uncooked tamales, as lengthy as you follow the right freezing practices to encertain an easy cooking suffer as soon as they have actually defrosted.

Cooked tamales deserve to be maintained in a freezer for up to 6 months and not lose their texture or flavor!

Freezing tamales have the right to be a time-saver for those who favor to make big batches of tamales for future meals. However, it’s necessary to freeze them effectively so you don’t damage the masa or the taste of the fillings. 

Here is the ultimate guide on just how to freeze cooked and also uncooked tamales properly, including exactly how to defrost and also rewarmth them, so you have the right to have actually tamales for dinner at any time.

How to Freeze Cooked Tamales

It is even more widespread to freeze cooked tamales than uncooked tamales as it is most basic to make a huge batch of tamales and also freeze the leftovers. It is additionally quicker to rewarm pre-cooked frozen tamales after they have actually been thawed, so it’s a large time-saver. 

Freezing cooked tamales additionally suggests that the spices from the fillings have been frozen at their most flavorsome, so exceptionally little bit will readjust when they are reheated. 

If you are planning to freeze cooked tamales, make and also prepare them as you commonly would certainly. Some favor to freeze the leftovers from a big batch. As always, make sure the masa framework encases the fillings properly as the husk is peeled away. 

After food preparation the tamales, sepaprice the ones you intfinish to eat immediately from the ones you desire to freeze. This is bereason the first step to freezing tamales is to leave them to cool. 

Cooling the Tamales

Cooked tamales need to be left to cool at room temperature before they are put in a freezer. This have to not take more than an hour, and it’s crucial to examine them in the time of this time. Leaving them out for also lengthy will reveal them to bacteria and also have the right to spoil them. 

This cooling time is important as it will proccasion the tamales from creating condensation in the container whilst in the freezer. It will certainly also aid to solidify the masa casing even more. 

Storing the Tamales

After the tamales have cooled at room temperature, it’s time for them to be stored in the freezer. 

Some prefer to store their tamales in airtight containers as this helps to safeguard the tamales from being damaged by various other frozen foods. However, tright here will be limited area inside the container for tamales, and these containers can take up room in the freezer. 

You have the right to also usage freezer bags. The finest security for this method is to individually wrap each tamale in aluminum foil or cling film a pair of times.

Lay them level in the bag and also in the freezer so they can retain their framework. This is so that if any kind of air is trapped inside the freezer bag, the wrapping will certainly offer an added layer of defense. 

With either method, make certain to seal the container/freezer bag properly to proccasion any air from acquiring in. 

Label the Container/Freezer Bag

This isn’t a important step if you just have actually one container or freezer bag full of tamales, yet it’s a super handy guideline for large batches. 

After sealing the container or freezer bag, label it through the filling flavor and the day of which you have frozen them. This will assist you decipher which batches are which, and also as soon as they have to be thawed and also consumed. 

Finally, save the tamales in the freezer! Make certain to keep the tamales flat so they deserve to freeze thoapproximately and evenly. 

How to Defrost and also Reheat Frozen Cooked Tamales

When you are prepared to eat your frozen tamales, the finest means to defrost them is to save them in the refrigerator for someday till they have been defrosted totally.

You have the right to then rewarm the tamales yet you wish. You can reheat them in a pan, in the microwave, in the stove, or in the steamer they were originally cooked in.

How to Freeze Uncooked Tamales 

The masa (a corn-based, starchy dough that encases the filling) is a soft and also perishable part of tamales. When exposed to cold temperatures once it is raw, it has the tendency to fall apart. 

This is why some world are much less inclined to freeze uncooked tamales than cooked tamales.

Freezing uncooked tamales means tright here is more opportunity of the masa not holding the filling together, which will certainly cause a mess during the thawing and also food preparation process. This means the seasonings and texture might not be as they must be if they were cooked beforehand also. 

In spite of this, it is still possible to freeze uncooked tamales if you follow the appropriate procedures. 

Wrap the Filling 

Prepare the tamales as you normally would before steaming them. Then, wrap them tightly in the banana leaf or husk. It is important to wrap them as tight as possible to encourage the masa to continue to be in area. 

You deserve to also freeze the filling and the masa independently. Whilst this might be more fiddly and take up more area in the freezer, this indicates you deserve to form the masa about the filling yourself after it has thawed. 

Storing the Tamales

It doesn’t matter whether you pick to wrap the uncooked tamales in a husk or not, as long as you store them in an correct container.

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An airtight, freezer-safe container is perfect for this. This is to proccasion ice crystals and also condensation from forming in the container, which would certainly impact the flavor and also consistency of the tamales. 

It is ideal to store the tamales well-packed to prevent the masa from falling acomponent. This will likewise help to keep the container airtight. 

Label the Container 

Make certain to label the container via the tamale fillings and the date you put them in the freezer.

If you have frozen the filling and also masa independently, carry out the same. 

How to Defrost and also Cook Uncooked Frozen Tamales

To defrost and cook uncooked frozen tamales, you have two alternatives. You have the right to either leave them to defrost for a day in the refrigerator, or you deserve to steam them in their frozen form. 

The safest way to thaw the tamales is by leaving them overnight or for a day in the refrigerator. Then, you deserve to put them in the steamer as you generally would certainly through fresh tamales. The very same goes for steaming them as they are frozen.