How lengthy did Noah require to build the Ark pointed out in the Bible? and why perform we care? The bible doesn’t say exactly how long, and not much is known around the ship-building process when Noah to be alive—especially a ship i was delegated by God. Some believe it took just 40 days for Noah to construct it, some say 120 days, and also others think he had as many as 300 years.

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In this post, we’ll check out what bible itself and also Bible commentators say around how long Noah spent building the Ark, what else he walk to safeguard the setting years before the flood came, and what great we have the right to learn from this story with regard come our partnership today v the earth.

How plenty of years go Noah take to build the Ark?

The Ark the Noah developed is the very first ship discussed in the Bible. Over there are many interpretations of just how long he operated on building it. Genesis thing 6 verse 6 states: “Noah was 6 hundred year old as soon as the Flood came, waters upon the earth.” for this reason we check out that the ages of civilization then was much more than in our times, and also that noah was already quite old once the overwhelming came. Noahdied 350years after ~ the flood, at the ageof950

Jewish tradition says that a hundred and twenty years prior to the Flood, noah specially planted the tree from which he would take the timber for the Ark—no old-growth logging here! mindful of the substantial resources the his project would demand, Noah proactively worked come be together self-sustaining as possible. The scriptures mentions 120 years in the young name story, in Genesis thing 6 verse 3: The mr said, “My spirit shall no strive with male forever, due to the fact that he as well is flesh, however his days shall it is in one hundred and also twenty years.”

Sefer Hayashar (written as early as the nine century), states that it took just 5 years for Noah to construct the ark.

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According to a nine Jewish commentary from Italy, God offered a “finger” in providing instructions for Noah to build the ark (Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer23). This source states the it took 52 years because that Noah to construct the ark, with divine guidance.