Turtles space a semi-aquatic species, this method that they have to spend some time on land to acquire air in order to survive, yet at the exact same time castle can’t stay too much time out of water. In stimulate to discover out just how long turtles deserve to stay out of water I determined to do some research. Right here is what I found out.

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Turtles deserve to spend in between 6 and 12 hours out the water without obtaining dehydrated. When turtles room hibernating they can spend in between 3 and 6 months the end of water. However depending top top some determinants the amount of time changes drastically.

Some that the most important determinants that have the right to influence the quantity of time a turtle have the right to spend the end of water are:


Under the ideal circumstances a turtle have the right to spend entire days out of water, however in other situations a turtle can not even have the ability to last 30 minutes. Therefore let’s take a look in ~ those factors and also see how and why those factors are for this reason important.

How age Influences the lot of Time a Turtle deserve to Stay the end of Water

In short, younger tortoise won’t have the ability to last as much as one adult turtle. If baby and juvenile turtles are totally functional, they are not yet completely developed, therefore they are not may be to keep as lot water together an adult turtle.

If you own a youth turtle and it somehow manages to gain out that the tank and hide somewhere, nothing worry. He can survive without water for 6 or 8 hours without problem, as long as your home isn’t exceptionally hot or cold.If you are worried about an adult turtle that gained away native it’s tank and it’s hiding somewhere, the can easily survive there is no water for at least 12 hours. So don’t worry around this aspect.

Now let’s move to the next factor, temperature.

How Temperature influences the quantity of Time a Turtle have the right to Stay the end of Water

This variable is quite obvious, the hotter it is, the smaller sized the lot of time will be. As we all know water will evaporate a lot quicker if the temperature is higher, but this no only affect the water that is top top the turtle, it additionally affects the water inside the body.

The body of a turtle is between 68% and 74% made the end of water,(excluding the shell), so they are influenced by heat nearly as lot as humans are.

To obtain a much better understanding let me provide you an instance of just how we, humans, are affected by heat. On mean the human being body is made the end of around 60% water. In ~ a temperature of 73 levels Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) a human can survive there is no water for around 4 days. At 104 levels Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) a human can survive for just 1 or 2 days.

Cold weather won’t affect the amount of time a turtle have the right to spend the end of water as much as hot weather. Yet it will still influence it to some degree.

The best in its entirety temperature because that a tortoise is in between 75 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (23.8-30 Celsius). Yet turtles room overall an extremely hardy animals and can quickly adapt to many temperatures at which people feel comfortable. So you won’t have to worry too much about the temperature of her house, as long as you feel comfortable.

How Humidity impacts the quantity of Time a Turtle have the right to Stay out of Water

Humidity is the most necessary factor. For this reason let’s begin by conveniently discussing what humidity really is.

Humidity refers to the quantity of water that is in the air, therefore if you room in an area through 100% humidity, it method that you are in an area v fog, or an area wherein it’s raining, no one filled with water.

For a turtle, a high humidity is preferable to permit one, because it will permit them to spend much more time the end of water.

While there space no research studies that present how lot humidity influences exactly how long a turtle can survive external of water, us can conveniently compare a map that shows the typical humidity in the USA, like the one below, and also a map that reflects where tortoise live.

Here is a map that reflects the median humidity in the united States.


In green areas, where the humidity is in between 70% and 80% friend will be able to find a lot more turtle types than yellow and also red areas, where the humidity is yes, really low.

So while there space no precise studies excellent on this aspect, it’s an extremely easy to see that this is a major factor.

If you own a pet tortoise you nothing really have to worry about the humidity level, as lengthy as her turtle has accessibility to enough water come live in.

How Turtles manage to stay 6 Months out of Water

Now stop talk about one the the many impressive feats of a turtle, enduring for month without any type of kind of water.

Under normal circumstances turtles no able to resist for a month there is no water, allow alone 6. But when lock hibernate,it becomes a fully different story.

When tortoise hibernate they enter in a really deep sleep throughout which castle don’t have to eat, drink or breath. For this reason they are basically placing a stop to everything. Many turtles like to hibernate in water due to safety reasons, yet when this is not possible they will look for various other laces, like a tree hollow, a feet in the ground, a pile of leaves, etc. Hibernating underwater is not a necessity, it’s much more of a precautionary measure, since there room fewer predators underwater.

Animals hibernate throughout the winter because the cold weather doesn’t allow vegetation to grow, and also makes a lot of the animals or insects the they would normally eat, much less active. Therefore it’s basically a means for castle to take it a break until points go ago to normal.

Hibernation is a really interesting and complex process, however I won’t enter into too many details in this article, but if you know how turtles regulate to make it through trapped under ice cream for whole months, or just how they breathe v their butt, you can inspect out this article: do Turtles Hibernate?

Why execute Turtles spend so lot Time in Water?

Up until now we’ve talked around how much turtles can stay out of water. Yet now, in ~ the finish of the write-up I think that us should additionally ask ourselves why do turtles must spend so much time in water. After every they are reptiles, not fish, and they can’t stay that lot time underwater, they require air in order to survive.

The answer to this concern is straightforward and complex at the exact same time. Turtles should spend so lot time in water due to the fact that of the method they evolved. A really long time ago, turtles were land animals, lock only required water come drink, no to live in.

But due to their i can not qualify to defend against predators lock started moving in lakes and also ponds wherein there to be fewer predators. And after plenty of years of advancement their bodies adjusted to the new environment, so they become an ext and much more reliant ~ above water to survive.

There are a many biologists that believe that turtle will ultimately transform right into a completely aquatic species, and they won’t even need to acquire out for air at part point. But those are only assumptions.

Final Thoughts

So most turtles are able to invest on average in between 6 and 12 hours out the water, but depending top top the humidity, the temperature and the period of the turtle the amount of time deserve to increase or decrease.

If you room a brand new turtle owner, friend shouldn’t need to worry about how lot your turtle have the right to stay the end of water, as lengthy as it has easy access to the tank from the basking area. Tortoise only gain out the water come bask or come look because that food. And since friend are offering food to your turtle , the will only go out to bask.

When turtles bask they control their body temperature, so over there is no set amount that time the it will spend basking. As soon as your turtle feel the their human body temperature is right, or if they begin to feeling dehydrated castle will return to the water through themselves.

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I hope this answers every one of your questions around the lot of time turtles have the right to spend out of water, however if you still have some concerns left you can always leave a comment in the comment section below and also I will answer you as shortly as possible.