Bearded dragons have actually long to be a favourite pocket pet that many. Together stoic together these small critters have the right to be, once a beardie stops eating, we need to worry. So exactly how long deserve to bearded dragons go without food?

Dr. Jess will answer this necessary question below:


There are countless reasons why a beardie may stop eating, native a readjust of diet, differing temperatures, illness, new equipment in the tank, and also so lot more.

So if you pet stop eating, exactly how long deserve to they survive and what must you do about it?

What is a moustache Dragon?

Bearded dragons space reptiles that are categorized right into the desert lizard category.

They autumn into the genus Pogona through eight different types falling under this grouping.

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The eight types of mustache dragons, are differentiated from one another and named for the differences in your spines on their chins and also necks.

Bearded dragons obtain their surname from theirarmor of spiny scales, which encompass a “beard” the spikes under the chin and also neck that puffs up depending upon their mood, most typically seen as soon as puffed the end upset because that them to seem bigger to everything is upsetting them.

This may be paired with a erry ‘hiss’ once really upset.

They deserve to live as much as 10 years and can reach as much as 24 inches and also weigh as much as 18 ounces once full grown. They selection in colors indigenous brown, to orange, come yellow, to cream.

Bearded dragons are frequently referred to as “beardies”, are one of the more popular reptilian pets because of your cool, interesting exterior and also their popularity gift of low maintenance pets.

What perform Bearded dragons Eat?

These males are considered omnivorous, an interpretation they eat what both herbivores (plant-eaters) and also carnivores (meat-eaters).

Beardies commonly consume vegetables, fruits, and also insects.

Some the the much more common store-bought fruits and also vegetables that deserve to be completely washed and served up to your tiny buddy include:

Raw Asparagus life Bell PeppersRaw Cabbage CarrotsCeleryCollard greensPeeled CucumbersKalePumpkinSpaghetti squashRaw ZucchiniYellow squash

They have strong jaws the clench and also crush hard-shelled insects like mealworms and beetles.

Here is a list of the most common bugs that owners will acquisition for their beardies:

Butter wormsCricketsEarthwormsKing wormsMealwormsRoachesSilkwormsWax worms

Owners should never feed your pet dragon any insects that they discover in their house as this insects might have been in contact with pesticides or other harmful chemistry that could make a mustache dragon sick.

You should constantly purchase food for her pet from a reliable source.


Do They have to Have Live Food?

Young beardies have tendency to eat an ext insects than fruits and vegetables.

As adults, this pets tend to eat in the contrary form, an ext vegetables and fruits end insects.

But do these insects should live or can they be offered to your pet in other forms?

You can serve your pet dried or frozen arrays of countless of the above detailed insects.

Many pet stores have actually a selection of dried insects in stock because that you to select from.

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However, numerous beardies won’t eat insects unless they view movement, therefore live insects room the finest bet for actually being consumed by her lizard.