The main difference in between Equator and also Prime Meridian is the Equator is the heat circling the planet halfway in between the North and South poles while prime Meridian is the line the runs through Greenwich, England.

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Geographers and cartographers map imaginary horizontal and vertical lines throughout Earth’s surface to locate points ~ above the globe. The currently that operation horizontal (east to west) room latitudes if the lines that run vertical space longitudes. The Equator is in ~ 0° latitude if the prime Meridian is in ~ 0° longitude. Both are lines the circle the Earth and divide the earth into hemispheres.

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What is Equator

The Equator is the imaginary line about the center of the Earth. The ax ‘equator’ normally refers to a heat (not a actual one) drawn about a ball or planet. The Earth’s Equator is halfway between the phibìc Pole and the southern Pole, in ~ 0° latitude. Moreover, the Equator divides the planet into northern hemisphere and also Southern hemisphere.


As you deserve to see indigenous the above image, earth is widest in ~ its Equator. In fact, the distance about the earth at the Equator, i.e., that circumference, is 40,075km. Moreover, at the Equator, the day and night have the exact same length approximately the year. Unequal the countries roughly the Northern and Southern hemisphere, countries around the Equator perform not experience 4 seasons. Equatorial regions (regions near the Equator) typically have 2 seasons: dry season and also wet season. In addition to that, your climate is very humid. Few of the most substantial rainforests in the people are in equatorial regions: the Amazon rainforest, the Congo rainforest of central Africa, the Harpan rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest, etc.

What is element Meridian

The element Meridian is the imaginary line attracted north to southern at 0° longitude. The is the starting point because that measuring distance both west and also east approximately the Earth. Element Meridian goes with the royal Observatory, Greenwich in London. This is why we sometimes contact it the Greenwich line. However, the prime Meridian additionally passes v England, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana and Antarctica.


It’s vital to know that prime Meridian is arbitrarily – this means, any kind of meridian (line the longitude) deserve to serve together the 0 longitude line. However, the meridian the runs v Greenwich has been favored as the main prime meridian, with an international agreement.

The prime Meridian help to set the Coordinated global Time (UTC) and also international dateline. Moreover, the divides the earth into the eastern and also western hemispheres, comparable to the way the Equator divides the planet into the northern and also southern hemispheres.

Difference between Equator and Prime Meridian


The Equator is the line circling the planet midway in between the North and also South poles while prime Meridian is the line the runs with Greenwich, England.

Longitude vs Latitude

Precisely, the Equator is at 0° latitude while element Meridian is at 0° longitude.


While the Equator divides the planet into Southern and Northern hemispheres, element Meridian divides the planet into Eastern and Western hemispheres.


The Equator is not arbitrary while element Meridian is arbitrarily (it could be any meridian, however is considered to be Greenwich meridian by international agreement).


In brief, Equator is the imagine horizontal line circling the planet midway in between the North and South poles while element Meridian is the imaginary upright line that runs through Greenwich, England. Moreover, Equator is in ~ 0° latitude while prime Meridian and also is in ~ 0° longitude. This is the difference between Equator and also prime meridian.

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