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Antigone is a tragic hero in both the contemporary sense and the classic sense. She is a great person—probably the only human being in the play willing to stand by her convictions—and she dies as a result. However, unlike many tragic heroes, Antigone ’s flaw is her strength—it is the thing...

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Antigone is a tragic hero in both the contemporary sense and also the classic sense. She is a great person—probably the only person in the play willing to was standing by her convictions—and she die as a result. However, unlike many tragic heroes, Antigone’s cons is her strength—it is the point that permits her to perform what is right. This is the irony the the play. Antigone dies having done the appropriate thing and also having fulfilled her duty as sister and princess.

The old Greeks placed a many value ~ above things like courage, loyalty, and faith. Antigone has actually all three in abundance, something that cannot be said for other personalities in the play. The beat is set just after ~ a polite war in between Oedipus’s 2 sons, Eteocles and also Polynices. The princes that Thebes were Antigone’s brothers, and she felt loyalty and love towards them both. However, due to the fact that Polynices brought a international army versus Thebes in an attempt to victory the throne, the is sentenced to have his human body left unburied.

A dead human body left unburied is a big deal. The old Greeks believed that letting someone walk unburied was basically to sentence them come eternally float the shores that the river Styx. It was not only a damaging thing to carry out but additionally a sin versus the gods. Antigone defies the edict and also buries she brother, selecting to provide him for sure passage in the afterlife. Her an option to rebel is dangerous, yet she watch it together her duty. In ~ the start of the play, she asks her sister Ismene to assist her bury Polynices, yet Ismene states no. Antigone responds,

You have made your choice, you have the right to be what you want to be.But I will certainly bury him; and if I have to die,I say the this crime is holy: i shall lie downWith that in death, and I chandelier be as dearTo him as he to me. That is the deadNot the living, that make the longest demands:We dice for ever…You may do together you likeSince apparently the laws of the god average nothing come you. (Prologue)

It is clear from this i what Antigone represents and why she is a hero. She is courageous. Learning that burying she brother way she risks death however embracing that opportunity as crucial to meet her duty. She shows her loyalty in law the thing that might carry her many danger, even as her sister says she will certainly not help—even going together far regarding disown she sister for her betrayal of Polynices. Lastly, she mirrors her faith, knowledge that no burying Polynices would certainly be an humiliation to the gods, as their legislations dictate that human being should be buried.

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The factor Antigone fits the invoice of Greek catastrophic hero is that her stubborn deal with to bury her brother becomes her downfall. While she could avoid her tragic ending, she embraces it and instead almost runs towards it. She is proud that the reality that she is act the ideal thing, and also she angers Creon by declaring so boldly the what she is act is right. Ultimately, she hamartia is her stubborn pride.