Berserk Vs final Fantasy VII: Which has the most Impractically big Sword? Berserk and Final Fantasy VII both have absurd, impractical swords. I m sorry one is larger? In this fight, length doesn"t constantly count.

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cloud guts
while in real life, swords have to be lightweight and also maneuverable, in fantasy, bigger have the right to be better. Large weapons, impossible to use practically in any realistic setting, come to be agile weapons of damage in the hands of the true masters. The biggest of the huge swords are the Dragon Slayer native Berserk and and the Buster knife from Final Fantasy VII. Between Guts and Cloud, who wields the bigger, heavier, much more absurd blade?

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How hefty is the Buster Sword?

Cloud"s Buster knife is  slightly taller than he is: 5"7". An estimation by YouTuber Vsauce3 inserted the Buster sword at 70.5 inches in length, through the blade itself being 54 customs in length. This very same estimate inserted the blade at roughly a half of an inch in thickness. Vsauce3 estimated that, presume the Buster Sword"s handle weighed a pound and blade was consisted of of steel, the blade would certainly weigh about 60 lbs. However, if the blade were made the a zinc-aluminum alloy, the blade would just weigh about 20 lbs.

Some pan recreations have actually weighed in at much more. The Youtube channel male at eight attempted come recreate the Buster Sword, eventually crafting a blade comprised of both steel and also aluminum. The felt the blade weighed in between 75 come 80 lbs in weight. Also then, the tongue is highly an overwhelming to wield, being approximately twice the load of one average huge sword provided in medieval combat in ~ minimum.

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How huge is the Dragon Slayer?

Dragon Slayer is a enormous blade comprised entirely of iron. That is too hefty for the average guy to lift, permit alone wield. Ergo, it"s not going to it is in a light-weight blade. While civilization have attempted come recreate the blade, many human being admit come reducing how thick the Dragon Slayer is to alleviate its remarkable weight. When male at eight designed a replica, they make it the end of solid iron. They greatly narrowed the tongue down, and even climate struggled to craft it.

In a Reddit object estimating the size and weight that Dragon Slayer, Redditors tried come calculate exactly how much the tongue weighed, beginning with how much steel comprises the blade. Redditor ktasey09 approximated the fixed of the blade. Steel weighs 0.284 lbs per cubic inch. It"s approximated that Dragon Slayer is 60 inches long, 12 inches wide (save for the narrowed point), and 2 inches thick. This ultimately way the Dragon Slayer is an approximated 1440 cubic inches. Once you plug in the calculation because that the load of iron, this outcomes in Dragon Slayer weighing a colossal 408 lbs.

When bookkeeping for the tapered edge, the blade"s load is trimmed slightly. However, Dragon Slayer is not a sharp blade, therefore its edges are really dull and also reduce the thickness through a minimal amount. With the edges considered, estimates from various other Redditors varied, yet most approximated the blade to be at minimum 380 lbs, making it an absurdly heavy weapon.

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Even in ~ the Buster Sword"s largest estimated size and the Dragon Slayer"s minimal size, the Dragon Slayer is quiet 4.75 times bigger than the Buster Sword. If the Buster knife is approximately 10.5 inches longer, the Dragon Slayer is thicker. It"s additionally far much less sharp. Everything around Guts"s iconic weapon is absurdly and also impractical. The Buster Sword, while absurd, is far an ext plausible.

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