Hello everyone, guinea pigs are little animals that have actually surprisingly quick bodies. Their small legs and also chubby bodies perform not seem to slow-moving them down as soon as they begin to run.

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If her pet has ever before escaped from their crate or acquired out of your arms, you probably had a challenging time chasing after them. Also, you may have actually seen them run laps in their crate in ~ really rapid speeds.

These behaviors could command you come wonder how quick guinea pigs deserve to run.

On average, guinea pigs deserve to reach speed of up to 6 miles every hour. This might not seem very fast, but it is as soon as you consider how tiny they are.

The Guinness book of human being Records reported the document for the fastest 10-meter operation by a guinea pig. Flash completed the record on July 27, 2009, once he ran 10 meter in 8.81 seconds. His exceptional record has yet to be beaten by another piggy!

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do guinea pigs favor to run?
have the right to you allow guinea pigs run about your house?
do guinea pigs choose to operation on wheels?

Do guinea pigs favor to run?

You recognize that your guinea pig deserve to run fast, but do they actually reap it? for a most humans, to run is no a fun activity. Only the many athletic people seem to enjoy running and also most avoid it once they can. The opposite is true for your cavy. I’ve owned a the majority of piggies over the years and also this is a an excellent resource when you have actually questions.

Guinea pigs enjoy running and other varieties of continual exercise. In order to remain healthy, they must be able to stretch your legs and also get in a good amount of activity each day.

This can aid prevent them from coming to be overweight or suffering from various other serious illnesses.

Look how this funny guinea pigs running choose crazy.

For your cavy come run about their crate, they require the right-sized cage. Monitor these tips to properly collection up their cage therefore they have plenty of room to run and also stay active.

Scatter the toys: as soon as you choose the appropriate items for your crate, make sure they room spread out. You can place the items in the center of the cage, which will let her piggy run around the edges.Do not overcrowd the crate: If you put too many items inside their cage, they will certainly not have enough room come run around or practice properly. Limit the number of items within the cage to provide the optimal quantity of space.Make changes: like humans, your cavy will acquire bored after a while. You have the right to switch the end the toys in their crate or readjust the location to encourage them to move roughly more.

You can additionally purchase a operation for your piggy and attach it to their crate or a hutch. This provides a safe ar for them to stretch their legs on a continual basis there is no escaping right into your house.

They will certainly have much more room to run approximately without toys, bowls, or bedding getting in their way. If girlfriend have really active pet, you might need to take into consideration this equipment in order to provide enough stimulation. Inspect out my premium overview to have actually a much better understanding of their likes/dislikes.

Can girlfriend let guinea pigs run approximately your house?

A most guinea pig owners want to allow them run about their residence to play and also exercise. It is necessary to remember the it is dangerous for them to be outside of their crate.

They should never be left external of your cage unsupervised since they might hurt themselves. This is a step by step guide to learn how to take it you cavy outdoor.

If you want to play with your pig outside of your crate, you need to ensure you have a for sure area in her home. Keep any type of other pets, including dogs and cats, away from her piggy. Castle can easily hurt them or kill them through accident.


There room a couple of steps you deserve to take come ensure one area that your home is for sure for your cavy come play. Shot following these advice if you want to play with them at your house.

Pick up any spare cords or electronic devices.Close off little spaces or areas that your guinea pig might squeeze into.Remove any kind of human food or tiny items the they might eat.Lay towels ~ above the floor in case they walk to the bathroom.Put toys on the floor to get their attention.Bring the end some healthy fruits or veggies because that a snack.

If you follow this tips and also closely monitor her pet, they must be for sure to play external of your crate. It is never ever a great idea to let castle run approximately your home freely.

They could easily obtain lost or stuck in a little space and also coaxing them the end from under a bed or dresser is an extremely difficult.

Do guinea pigs favor to operation on wheels?

It is not safe come let your guinea pig run on a wheel. Practice balls and running wheels are well-known for various other animals, favor hamsters or mice, yet they are exceptionally dangerous because that cavies.

Their backs deserve to suffer good injuries on to run wheels, and also the toys could even lead to death.

Their spines are not as flexible as various other animals, and also they carry out not bend to correctly accommodate to run wheels. Also, the absence of ventilation within a round can cut off their air circulation and also cause a warmth stroke.

Thankfully, they execute not need wheels or practice balls to obtain their essential activity. If their crate is big enough, lock will get plenty of practice from running approximately inside.


Your cavy is a lean, mean, running machine. Nothing let their small legs and also long bodies fool you. They love to run and also get lot of of exercise.

In fact, they need proper room and toys in their crates come stay energetic and healthy. You deserve to play through your piggy outside of your crate yet be sure to supervise lock the entire time.

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Only provide toys that room safe for them come use, and also they deserve to live long and healthy lives with lot of of room to run and also play.