Aerial see of Oahu

Though the only method to travel in between Kauai, Oahu, Maui and also Hawaii (Big) Island is through air, the flights are brief. In fact, you’ll probably spend much more time driving come the airport, parking, going with airport security and boarding than you’ll invest in the air.

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The Hawaiian Islands room not really far apart. The best distance – native Kauai to Hawaii (Big) Island – is only 305 miles every Google. A straight Hawaiian Airlines trip from Kauai’s LIH airport come the large Island’s KOA airplane takes about 55 minutes from gate to gate. Actual in air time is less than that.

Distance estimated by Google.

Hawaiian Airlines provides the most inter-island flights and also seats at the moment of writing this write-up in may 2018. Hawaiian airlines is the just inter-island airline that flies to all the Hawaiian Islands. Your aircraft is substantially larger with much more storage an are than the various other options.

Current map (5/18) of Hawaiian Island airports serviced through Hawaiian Airlines.

With Hawaiian airline being the biggest inter-island business provider, we queried their website with a variety of inter-island trip combinations to find the average, non-stop trip length. Below are the results.

Kauai (LIH) non-stop come :

Oahu ~ 35 minutesMaui ~ 49 minutesHawaii (Big) Island Kona ~ 55 minutesHawaii (Big) Island Hilo ~ 2 hrs (No non-stops available)

Oahu (HNL) non-stop to:

Kauai ~ 35 minutesMaui ~ 39 minutesHawaii (Big) Island Kona ~ 47 minutesHawaii (Big Island Hilo ~ 55 minutes

Maui (OGG) non-stop to:

Kauai ~ 49 minutesOahu ~ 39 minutesHawaii (Big) Island Kona ~ 35 minutesHawaii (Big) Island Hilo ~ 40 minutes

Hawaii (Big) Island Kona (KOA) non-stop to:

Kauai ~ 55 minutesOahu ~ 47 minutesMaui ~ 35 minutesHawaii (Big) Island Hilo ~ 2 hours (No non-stops available, but of course, this travel is drivable.)

Hawaii (Big) Island Hilo (ITO) non-stop to:

Kauai ~ 2 hrs (No non-stop is available.)Oahu ~ 55 minutesMaui ~ 40 minutesHawaii (Big) Island Kona ~ 2 hours (No non-stops available, however of course, this take trip is drivable.)

We haven’t listed flights to and from the archipelago of Lanai (LNY) and Molokai (MKK.) If you’d choose to find for those flights times, you have the right to use the Hawaiian Airlines trip search feature. There space a few smaller airports the we have actually not listed. We have actually only provided the major airports that have actually the most flights and also services. This airports are also ones that many visitors are likely to use.

Where possible, we listed the direct, non-stop, inter-island flights. To conserve time, you need to seek the non-stop options. Otherwise, you’ll likely have a layover in Honolulu or Maui the can include an hour or an ext to your travel time.

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Overall, inter-island flights space pleasant. We always try to get a home window seat to reap the island see from above.