According to rand McNally, that is 165-170 miles. Disney people is further away indigenous JAX 보다 Orlando, which probably accounts for few of the discrepancy with the very first answer.

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Check Mapquest or google Maps . Kind in your directions and amazing lock tell girlfriend the miles and also driving time!

Wow loll01... You must have been steering at part speed! last time we checked out St Augustine that took us 2.5 hrs and also Jacksonville is further on native there.

We stuck to all speed limits and also it def took just over 2 and also a 1/2 hrs we left about 9am and hit no traffic at all with no stops. Hubby thinks the comments room so funny, his answer was tell castle we had actually an accelerator ~ above the car, ha ha.

I job-related for Raod security in the UK therefore he did no dare and also never dares go over the rate limit. An ext than his life worth.

to be ethical we went from universal Boulevard so don't know how long girlfriend would have actually to include on going native Disney. Just checked ~ above google maps and it says 2 hours 54 mins. Hubby likewise had the Delorean time device on loan from universal. Hope you acquire there in a kind time anyhow.

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