Texas beaches can just it is in the perfect driveable vacation destination! native the quiet expanses of Mustang Island to the liveliness of southern Padre Island, right here is your guide to Texas Beaches…

Port AransasDrive indigenous Austin: 4 hoursSlow down and chill will certainly the fam at “Port A”, wherein beach life is all about relaxation. Get approximately on golf carts, hang out on mile of open up beach, and also enjoy new seafood. Spend a few hours at Port Aransas Nature preserve or perform some fishing on the pier. The yearly Texas SandFest is very fun opportunity to see giant sand sculptures like no other!

Photo from the harbor Aransas chamber of commerce Facebook page

Mustang IslandDrive native Austin: 4.5 hoursMustang Island is one 17-mile expanse that sandy coast perfect for seashell-collecting, swimming, and even bird watching. The island originally acquired its name from the large number that wild mustangs that provided to trot freely throughout the island before breakthrough took over. This days, the island is a designated state park wherein you have the right to camp, kayak, and also perhaps record a watch of the Kemp’s Ridley turtles. Mustang Island is one of the only reproduction grounds because that this rarely breed of turtle!

Photo from the Mustang Island State Park facebook page

South Padre IslandDrive from Austin: 6 hoursA renowned tourist destination, South Padre Island provides sufficient entertainment come a last an entire week: indigenous horseback riding and also ziplining come a stop into Sea Turtle, Inc. — a sea turtle education, research, and also rehabilitation center.

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Photo credit: City of south Padre Island

Rockport BeachDrive from Austin: 3.5 hoursRockport Beach was the very first in Texas come garner a Blue tide Beach designation — a label given only to beaches that maintain high criter of ecological care. As a bonus, Rockport is additionally a designated bird sanctuary — so nothing forget to scan the skies because that the variety of bird species likely to fly overhead.

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North BeachDrive native Austin: 3.5 hoursWhat’s most captivating about phibìc Beach is that is proximity to few of Corpus Christi’s coolest attractions. ~ above the list: the U.S.S. Lexington (a WWII Essex course aircraft carrier), the Texas State Aquarium, and the corpus Christi Museum that Science and History. Phibìc Beach gives a welcome respite native a work of sightseeing.


Photo native the Visit body Christi website

Surfside BeachDrive from Austin: 3.5 hoursBecause the the unusually deep water discovered close to the shore, Surfside Beach is the perfect location for surfing turn off the coast of Texas (hence the name). This deep waters lend themselves to some really unique fishing, too. Girlfriend can record fish the are generally only found much farther into the s without ever before leaving the lull of the shore. With beautifully colored homes on stilts dotting the length of the beach, can you ask for anything more picturesque?

Galveston IslandDrive native Austin: 4 hoursGalveston is rich with history, make a fun and educational destination. Once one the the most bustling port of entry in the entire nation, the island city was almost decimated by a hurricane in 1900, which remains the most dangerous natural disaster in joined States’ history. You deserve to learn around the history of the harbor of Galveston at the Texas Seaport Museum & 1877 tall Ship Elissa. Excellent the beautiful centuries-old architecture at The cool 1894 Opera House or the opulent Hotel Galvez. Galveston is additionally home come the wonderful Moody Gardens, v aquariums, IMAX theaters, art exhibits, and also more. Of course, no visit to Galveston is finish without plenty of fun in the sun on the beach as well as rides and also carnival games on satisfied Pier.

Crystal BeachDrive from Austin: 4.5 hoursAptly named for the expanses the smooth, green shore had within this area, Crystal Beach is the less crowded and also quieter equivalent to the bustling city that Galveston. Easily accessible from the east or by simple ferry ride straight from Galveston, crystal Beach offers so much more than a warm day at a pristine beach: try the crab and other fresh seafood in ~ the regional restaurants (like Steve’s Landing), inspect out some live music, and also visit the historical Bolivar suggest Lighthouse.

Padre Island national SeashoreDrive indigenous Austin: 4 hoursAccording come the national Park Service, Padre Island national Seashore is “The Longest Stretch of Undeveloped barrier Island in the World.” proud exhibiting 70 miles of relatively untouched coastline, the Padre Island nationwide Seashore is home to unique turtles, 380 bird species, and camping sites for an unforgettable coast trip.

Boca Chica BeachDrive native Austin: 6 hoursIf the idea that chaotic summers and spring breaks in southern Padre Island gives you second thoughts, inspect out Boca Chica instead. Nestled follow me the southernmost guideline of Texas and quite accurate a stone’s litter from Mexico, Boca Chica Beach uses unbridled see on a coast untouched by many tourists. This 8-mile stretch that beach has actually escaped modern-day development – affording you a day of snorkeling, fishing, and swimming with only the beautiful expanses the the ocean and also Texas coastline taking up your watch in any kind of direction.

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No matter where you choose to placed your toes in the sand, we hope you have actually a good beach vacation!


This guide to Texas beaches to be originally contributed to Do512 through Hannah Baker

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