Flight distance from Atlanta to Nashville (Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta international Airport – Nashville worldwide Airport) is 214 miles / 344 kilometers / 186 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 54 minutes.

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Driving street from Atlanta (ATL) come Nashville (BNA) is 255 miles / 411 kilometers and also travel time by vehicle is about 4 hours 52 minutes.



How much is Nashville from Atlanta?

There are several ways to calculate distances in between Los Angeles and Chicago. Right here are two usual methods:

Vincenty"s formula (applied above)213.871 miles344.193 kilometers185.849 nautical miles

Vincenty"s formula calculates the distance in between latitude/longitude clues on the earth surface, utilizing an ellipsoidal model of the earth.

Haversine formula214.021 miles344.434 kilometers185.979 nautical miles

The haversine formula calculates the distance in between latitude/longitude points assuming a spherical planet (great-circle distance – the shortest distance between two points).

Time difference and current local times

The time difference between Atlanta and also Nashville is 1 hour. Nashville is 1 hour behind Atlanta.

Atlanta time come Nashville time converter

Time in Atlanta: 00:00⇆Time in Nashville: 00:00

Carbon dioxide emissions

On typical flying from Atlanta come Nashville generates about 56 kg of CO2 every passenger, 56 kilograms is equal to 125 pounds (lbs). The numbers are estimates and also include only the CO2 produced by burning jet fuel.

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Map of trip path and also driving directions from Atlanta come Nashville

Shortest flight path in between Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta global Airport (ATL) and also Nashville international Airport (BNA).

Airport information

OriginHartsfield–Jackson Atlanta worldwide Airport
City:Atlanta, GA
Country:United States
Coordinates:33°38′12″N, 84°25′41″W
DestinationNashville global Airport
City:Nashville, TN
Country:United States
Coordinates:36°7′28″N, 86°40′41″W

Airlines paris from Atlanta (ATL) come Nashville (BNA)

Air France
Alaska Airlines
Delta wait Lines
Virgin Atlantic Airways

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