The main difference between direct democracy and also representative democracy is that direct democracy is a type of democracy wherein all laws and policies are produced by a basic vote of culture while representative democracy is a type of democracy wherein citizens vote on representatives to develop laws and policy on instead of of them.

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Democracy is a kind of federal government in which citizens have the power and authority to pick their administrate legislation. There are two main forms of democracy as direct democracy and representative democracy.

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1. What is straight Democracy  – Definition, System, Pros and Cons2. What is Representative Democracy – Definition, System, Pros and also Cons3. What is the Difference in between Direct Democracy and also Representative Democracy – to compare of crucial Differences

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What is direct Democracy

Direct democracy, likewise known as a pure democracy, is a form of democracy wherein citizens administer directly. In this type of democracy, all laws and policies of governments are figured out by the human being themselves, without any type of intermediary. Moreover, every citizens have actually the power to vote on all laws, bills and even court decisions.


Figure 1: Landsgemeinde (public, non-secret ballot voting device operating by majority rule) is a type of direct Democracy

Ancient Athens is the best example of straight democracy. In Athenian democracy, every citizens other than women, immigrants and slaves, poll on all significant issues that the government. If we look at countries in the modern-day world, Switzerland is an example of a nation that practices a form of straight democracy. The vote of the general public deserve to veto any law spread by the nation’s chosen legislative branch. In addition to these, citizens deserve to vote to call for the national legislature to consider amendments come the Swiss constitution.

Furthermore, the main advantage of straight democracy is that it enables a greater degree of transparency and openness. However, this governance kind may prove to it is in inefficient because that a nation with a high population.

What is Representative Democracy

Representative democracy is a kind of democracy within citizens that a state poll on to represent to develop laws and also policy on instead of of them. Representative democracy is also known as indirect democracy. Moreover, representative democracy is the straight opposite of straight democracy. In this type of democracy, citizens perform not straight involve in developing laws and also policies and other federal government matters. Instead, lock vote and select public representative who perform these duties on your behalf. Almost all contemporary democracies space representative democracies. The unified States, the unified Kingdom, France and India space some countries with together a autonomous system.


Figure 2: The U.S. Residence of representatives is an instance of Representative Democracy

Furthermore, the powers of the chosen officials space curtailed by the structure of the country, which develops the an easy laws, policies and also framework of the government. However, officials or representatives elected through citizens’ vote also have the strength to choose other representatives and government leaders such as a president and prime minister. Besides, an independent judiciary body, such together the can be fried Court, has actually the power to declare laws enacted by the representatives as unconstitutional.

Representative democracy has both advantages and disadvantages. When this kind of democracy is efficient and also empowers civilization (as world can choose representatives who deserve to make their voices heard through the national government), that is not always reliable due to the fact that representatives may not constantly reflect the will certainly of the people. Moreover, representatives might misuse your power and also position, leading to massive-scale corruption.

Difference in between Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy


Direct democracy is a form of democracy whereby all laws and policies are produced by a general vote the society, when representative democracy is a type of democracy whereby citizens vote on to represent to produce laws and also policy on behalf of them.

Need for an Intermediary

In a straight democracy, there are no intermediaries; the poll of the citizens straight determine every laws and also policies of governments. In contrast, in a representative democracy, world elect to represent to create and also amend laws and also policies on your behalf.


Moreover, straight democracy has actually a greater level of transparency and openness 보다 representative democracy. It is due to the fact that elected officials in a representative democracy may not constantly reflect the voice that the people; they may tend come misuse their power.


Representative democracy may be much more efficient and practical than straight democracy. The is due to the fact that citizens poll on every government problems may require a substantial amount that time and resources. Especially, this is true in cases of nations having big populations like India and the joined States.


Ancient Athens and also Switzerland room perfect examples of straight democracy if the united States, the united Kingdom, France and also India space some instances of representative democracy.


Democracy is a type of federal government in i m sorry citizens have actually the power and authority to select their governing legislation. Moreover, direct democracy and representative democracy room the 2 main forms of democracy. The main difference between direct democracy and representative democracy is the in straight democracy, citizens administrate directly, without and intermediaries whereas, in a representative democracy, citizens vote on representatives who govern the country on instead of of them.

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