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In act 1, scene 5, Romeo secretly attends mr Capulet"s ball with his friends and is awestruck by Juliet "s appearance. Romeo eloquently describes Juliet"s beauty by comparing she to a "rich jewel in one Ethiope’s ear" and questions if that has ever before truly love anyone till now. Romeo...

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In action 1, step 5, Romeo covertly attends lord Capulet"s sphere with his friends and also is awestruck through Juliet"s appearance. Romeo eloquently describes Juliet"s beauty by comparing her to a "rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear" and questions if the has ever before truly love anyone till now. Romeo fully forgets around Rosaline and plans on presenting himself to Juliet. Romeo then ideologies Juliet, gently takes she by the hand, and compares her to a "holy shrine." he proceeds come tell Juliet the his hand is unworthy come touch her but that he is ready to do things far better with a kiss. Romeo"s proposition depicts him together a fearless romantic who is not shy at all and also is willing to action on his impulses. Interestingly, Romeo and also Juliet"s early stage romantic exchange forms a shak spa sonnet, i m sorry underscores their inherent connection and also compatibility.

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Romeo and Juliet proceed to flirt through each other as Romeo continues to utilize an extended religious metaphor by compare Juliet to a saint and himself come a righteous pilgrim. By using a spiritual metaphor, Romeo and also Juliet"s love is depicted as divine, holy, and pure. Juliet reciprocates Romeo"s feel and permits him to kiss her after that says,

O, then, too ~ saint, let lips perform what hand do. (Shakespeare, 1.5.103)

After their an initial kiss, Romeo comments that his "sin is purged" and offers to take his sin ago by kissing Juliet a 2nd time. Juliet climate remarks that Romeo kisses "by th" book" prior to the Nurse interrupts them and leads Juliet away. Overall, Romeo and also Juliet"s long-anticipated meeting is filled with spiritual metaphors together the two lovers instantly act on your emotions by kissing every other.