For example, i wish to create “only yours,” or “yours.” I have searched my grammar textbook and dictionaries. Perhaps it is an idiomatic expression. Ns welcome feedback.

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There are a couple of things to take in account once closing a letter to a love one. So, let"s acquire started ~ above what you would require in bespeak to obtain the closing statement closest to what you desire to express.

First, the use of "tuyo" versus "suyo" which has actually previously been disputed in this question. In short, the difference in this case would be of familiarity: Suyo is an ext respectful and formal, if tuyo is much more familiar.

Usually, when you address a loved one you carry out it in casual manner, i beg your pardon would reminder the scale in donate of utilizing "tuyo"; however, over there are instances where friend still resolve a love one (such as a parental or a grandparent) with respect, in which case it would be "suyo".

Keep in mind that part spouses describe their partners respectfully, specially in cultures where arranged marital relationships are a norm. So, as a dominion of thumb, if friend would refer to your love one together "sir" or "madam" use "suyo", if girlfriend wouldn"t, use "tuyo".

This takes us to the second aspect to address: after ~ deciding to usage either "suyo" or "tuyo", you might need to modify it to enhance your gender. If you space a male, friend don"t must make any kind of modifications, if you are a female, you would use "suya" or "tuya".

The final part would be what you intend to convey through your closing statement. "Yours" would certainly be simple, wherein you either usage "suyo/a" or "tuyo/a", when "Only yours" might imply "Exclusively yours".

If her intention is come express "Only yours", the easiest method to analyze it would be: "Sólo suyo/a" or "Sólo tuyo/a". This phrase would provide you the most literal translation possible.

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However, if you want to imply "Exclusively yours" or you want to it is in a little an ext creative, here are a couple of choices:

Solamente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Only yours)Exclusivamente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Exclusively yours)Únicamente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Uniquely yours)Enteramente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Entirely yours)Completamente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Completely yours)Absolutamente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Absolutely yours)Indudablemente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Undoubtedly yours)Apasionadamente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Passionately yours)Eternamente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Eternally yours)Sincereamente (s/t)uy(o/a) (Sincerely yours)

For example, if you were a female and also informal, you would usage "Solamente tuya" but if you were a male and also formal you would use "Solamente suyo".