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We all understand that French pronunciation have the right to be an overwhelming (but no impossible!) for English speakers to master. The French “r” is an especially difficult, because that example. But, follow to legend, there is one word that the French themselves provided during people War II to discover non-French spies…écureuil, which way “squirrel.”


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The word écureuil (nm) rhymes with words feuille (nf), or “leaf,” and accueil (nm), or “welcome.” whenever you view an –euil or –eil finishing in French, make sure you’re no pronouncing the “l” at the end. Rather, it will certainly sound favor an “oy” (like, “Oy, that really hurt!”). So, the exactly pronunciation of  écureuil would it is in something favor EC-CUR-ROY. An alert that that difficult French “r” is in there, too.

If friend really want some practice, shot reading out loud this short poem by Maurice Carême:

L’Écureuil et la feuille 

You can uncover the translate in of this city below. But, first, take part time come pat you yourself on the ago for working on a really tough word because that English speaker to pronounce. And, if it makes you feel any type of better, the is quite complicated for French speakers to say the word “squirrel” in English, too. Simply take a look at this compilation by French society media star Jérôme Jarre:
**Notice that this poem works by using 2 different interpretations of the word feuille, a “sheet” or great or something, and also a “leaf.”

Keep discovering French with us!

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