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So, you heading because that the Netherlands to take trip or work. Awesome! you’re in because that an amazing adventure! the a beautiful country, steeped in a rich culture that might be really unlike her own.

However, showing respect come the locals is a big deal in every country around the world. A respectful manner and attitude might open doors because that you that would otherwise remain mystifyingly closed. Next from just knowing ‘Thank you’ in Dutch, greeting someone appropriately in Dutch might incline a regional to act you an ext favorably 보다 otherwise! So, the clever thing to perform would it is in to discover Dutch greetings prior to you embark on your journey. Netherlands greetings are various from various other languages and probably not what you’d expect. However if learning exactly how to say ‘Hello!’ in netherlands in easy and fun ways is important to you, you’ve pertained to the right location at bsci-ch.org.

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1. Must-Know dutch Greetings

Start right away through this greeting lesson. That short, but it package a punch!

This short, but powerful lesson teaches friend the straightforward ways come greet someone effectively in Dutch! at bsci-ch.org, you will be teach the exactly pronunciation and also intonation, and the correct time to greet in Dutch. And also you will have actually fun!

The focus of this class is Greetings in dutch

subject 1: just how to speak “Hello” in dutch

1. The most-used unshened greeting is Hallo! which means “Hi” or “Hello.” We should only use this greeting through friends or relatives.2. The most-used *formal* greetings will change depending on the moment of day. Let’s start with: Goedendag! precise this means “good day.” together a rule of thumb, we deserve to use goedendag only during the daytime—from late morning until early evening. In the morning, we say Goedemorgen, “good morning!” throughout the evening we say: Goedenavond! Goed is Dutch because that “good.” Dag, “morgen,” and also avond means “day,” “morning,” and “evening,” respectively.3. What need to you say when you leave? Dutch world usually say Tot ziens as soon as leaving in a official situation. Tot ziens means “good-bye.” If we say “good-bye” come friends or our relatives, we usage the informal native Dag! girlfriend can additionally say Doei! The expression doei! is commonly used in informal situations.

Language Tip!

In formal situations, Dutch people commonly greet each other by shaking hands. Top top the various other hand, if we meet someone we are very friendly with, us kiss each various other on both cheeks, usually two or 3 times. Don’t be fear to perform it with your dutch friends—it’s normal!

2. Typical Ways come Say Hello in Dutch


Standing in ~ the airplane in a foreign nation for the an initial time have the right to be a somewhat scary experience for anyone, especially if you need assistance. However, don’t concern – in ~ bsci-ch.org we teach you how to conveniently get a local’s attention with friendly, correct netherlands greetings! friend are more likely to obtain helped this way.

Here is our dutch greetings list of every the basic ways to attend to a person upon meeting. It is tailored for formal and also informal situations.

1- an excellent morning.


‘Good morning’ in dutch is acceptable any time between approximately 5:30am and 12:00pm, when the job is tho young. And also smile – the the universal ice-breaker!

2- good evening


This greeting is one friend would use casually when night starts to fall. Address your friends, close family or close acquaintances, and those who are not your superiors, through this phrase.

3- exactly how are you?

Hoe gaat het?

Show your friendly attention in one more person’s health by asking this question. This is the casual greeting kind that you would use with your friends and family. Because that the benefits of the friendship, it would certainly be good to listen closely to the answer! It reflects caring and also selflessness on your part.

4- How have you been?

Hoe is het met je?

This is a great question to ask who you have actually not seen for a while. The inference is that some catching-up is needed!

5- What’s up?

Hoe gaat het?

An universally informal and energetic means to greet her friends or equals! Literally, it means ‘What’s walking on in her life?’, yet often no answer is expected. It’s just a greeting! Crazy, right?!

6- lengthy time no see.

Tijd niet gezien.

This phrase way is an additional greeting comment that means “I have not viewed you because that a while!” Often, no an answer is expected, except to reciprocate.

7- Hey!


This is a friendly exclamation come greet her friends or equates to with. To make reservation its use an ext for world you check out regularly!


8- an excellent afternoon.


‘Good afternoon’ in netherlands is casual greeting and is used throughout the second part of the day. The appropriate period falls, in many cultures, native 12:00am till sunset.

9- How’s that going?

Hoe gaat het?

This greeting phrase basically way the exact same as ‘How space things progressing?’, ‘How room things walking in her life?’ or even ‘What’s up?’ depending on the friendship, a an extensive answer is not constantly expected.

10- It’s nice to see you again.

Het is goed om je weer car zien.

This friendly, welcoming phrase is best used after greeting who you have actually not checked out for a while. If you average it, you will make the person feel special! This is a an excellent thing come say to make someone feel welcome in Dutch.

11- How’s everything?

Hoe gaat het met alles?

This is a variation of ‘How’s it going?’ use casually v your equates to or near acquaintances.

12- How’s your day?

Hoe is je dag?

Ask this once you’re speaking to her Dutch friend throughout the day. It’s a friendly expression to start a conversation with.

13- Yo!


Yo! is English slang and also a universal greeting popular among young men of most nationalities. Fairly don’t answer the phone with this, unless you know your caller well!

14- Hello!


Suitable for usage in many settings, situations and also persons, this is vital Dutch greeting come know. Be certain to understand this word very first at bsci-ch.org!

15- It’s quite to fulfill you.

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Het is leuk u car ontmoeten.

When conference someone for the first time, this is a polite and friendly way to welcome them. It way you space happy to make their acquaintance.

3. Why need to You pick bsci-ch.org to Learn just how To Greet In Dutch?

Online finding out systems abound, and it’s not straightforward to understand which one will certainly suit your needs best. This means you have to be careful and select a device with a good reputation, and also that has actually proven longevity. Bsci-ch.org, i m sorry is part of InnovativeLearning.com, ticks all the boxes! With millions of lesson downloads and also over a te of teaching, we deserve to say through confidence that this is among the best language discovering systems on the web. Why is the such an excellent system? Let us count the ways…


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3- Pronunciation tool Ensures You yes, really Speak Dutch!

In any type of language, exactly pronunciation is often crucial. The nuances in language call for this, or you might find you yourself saying points you don’t mean. Girlfriend will uncover our Pronunciation tool invaluable come wrap her mouth about the correct means to greet in Dutch!

4- Our contents is Always new and Dynamic

Every week, brand-new audio and video lessons are uploaded, so regarding keep our promise that finding out Dutch v bsci-ch.org is always fun and also exciting! In addition, you will get accessibility to bonus product and simple Dutch phrases. These space a terrific way to construct your comprehension and also speaking skills!

5- need to rapid Track your Learning? We have the Solution!

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Say ‘Hello’ come a wonderful, exciting method to learn one more language, and also learn how to say ‘Hello’ in netherlands in no time! You will be really happy friend did!