Today, it’s time come hone up her Romanian language an abilities with some words that you will most most likely use throughout your stay here, also if you’re just visiting because that a couple of days.

This way that I will teach you exactly how to to speak “Hello” in Romanian, but likewise “Thank You” and various other comparable greetings and also phrases the you might use much more often 보다 not during your remain here.

These might aid you when connecting with locals, give you bragging rights in former of your friends (“I speak Romanian!“) and also maybe also twist your tongue a little, just for fun.

From discovering to speak Hello and Thank you in Romanian, to questioning for directions and other things favor that, simply read on and also take note (or no – your choice).

It can sound an overwhelming at first, but your Romanian friends or strangers will surely appreciate it. Don’t even issue too much about pronunciation as all Romanians will recognize what you’re trying come say and also that’s all the matters!

So let’s obtain this started!

Learn miscellaneous greetings and salutes in Romanian

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Now the you have vastly boosted your Romanian language knowledge with every the words and phrases over (yes, ns am joking!), you have the right to go much more in depth through some Romanian expression that usually only make sense in this beautiful country.

Or you deserve to go the more secure route and learn how to to speak “I love you” – and also other lover-related things, or simply put on her holiday suit and learn how to say funny Christmas in Romanian. Oh my, so numerous words!

Are there various other words, greetings or expressions the you’re interested in? let me understand in the comment section below!

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