Hi, I'm a starting person speaker. I really must learn just how to explain haircuts since my barber doesn't really speak english.

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This is what I'd like to say, basically:

Short earlier and sides, prefer a 0, the fade up right into the top. Take three or 4 centimeters turn off the top, please.

This is mine attempt:

Espalda y lados cortos, como un 0, que se desvanecen en la arriba. Toma tres o cuatro centímetros de la arriba, por favor.

Fade is desvanecimiento, right?

Thanks in advance! You space helping my hair.

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Espalda method "back," as in her body part. Unsure if desvanecer is used in this sense--I've constantly said graduado (gradient).

Lo quiero corto atrás y a los lados, al cero, graduado hasta arriba. Y corta unos tres o cuatro centímetros de arriba, por favor.

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EDIT: a pair corrections based on some indigenous commenters' replies.

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