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In Japanese, the words for details colors are used differently relying on their components of speech. Having actually two set – one set is the Japanese – the various other being a katakana loan word variation of your English counterparts – i.e. Blue as buru.

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This have the right to be really confusing because that beginners in Japanese regarding what context is suitable to usage which version.

Also, these space words the will show up on the JLPT N5 and also N4 levels. For this reason if you room planning on taking the JLPT at some point, girlfriend may discover this useful!

In this article, we will explain to you just how to define objects v colors in Japanese.

Nouns for basic Colors in Japanese


These words above are nouns that refer to different colors. Together a result, the bit “の(no)” is provided when relenten the shade of something. If you room not familiar with corpuscle in Japanese, us recommend you to take it a look in ~ our an easy Japanese Grammar Guide

The simple sentence pattern for describing colour is :

color + + subject


みどりの窓口(まどぐち)Midori no madoguchiGreen Window(usually introduce to the ticket office at a train terminal in Japan)

紫(むらさき)の靴下(くつした)Murasaki no kutsushitaPurple socks.

Japanese adjective to explain Colors

Color can likewise be defined using adjectives. Surprisingly, there are just 4 colors the will become an adjective as soon as “い” is included directly to the back.

They are:


Why space these colors therefore special? that is due to the fact that these to be the basic forms of color in ancient Japanese language. Every shade was extensively categorized under and these 4 colors back then. (Sounds rather rough, isn’t it?)

Example of exactly how to usage Japanese Colors:

Use directly in front of the subject

あおい海(うみ)AoiumiBlue sea


海(うみ)はあおいです。Umiwa aoidesuThe sea is blue.


“黄色い” and “茶色い”

There room 2 an ext colors the can become adjective -黄色 and茶色. Why did ns not placed them in addition to the 4 color above? This is due to the fact that although an interpretation yellow and brown color, “黄” and also “茶” can not be on themselves when provided as colors.

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They need to be put in addition to the native “色 (iro colors) to end up being nouns because that yellow and brown. As a result, once they come to be adjectives, they are “黄色い” and “茶色い” instead “黄い” or “茶い”

How come Say various other Colors In Japanese

If you feel that the an easy colors are too general, below are part Japanese indigenous for more specific colors.

Rainbow clour虹色にじいろNijiiro
Light Blue水色みずいろMizuiro
Navy Blue紺色/ネービーこんいろKoniro/Nei-bi-
Yellowish Green黄緑きみどりKimidori

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