Unlike the English language, saying great night in Tagalog have the right to take numerous forms relying on the context. To avoid being overwhelmed, we have actually prepared this overview to present you optimal Tagalog unit volume you can use to bid an excellent night anyone to anyone v confidence. Through this, us will likewise equip you with relevant information on just how to usage these phrases and how come respond choose a pro based upon common contexts.

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Contrary to usual beliefs, “magandang gabi” is no the direct translation for words “good night.” It may be the closestly thing due to the fact that “gabi” way night or evening, but it does no necessarily median the exact same thing. In the Philippines, “magandang gabi” is tantamount to an excellent evening, which is a greeting one supplies when conference someone in the night.

So, now you are probably thinking how exactly do Filipinos express your parting wishes or “good night” in the Tagalog language?

Native Tagalog speakers typically use the Tagalized execution instead. “Tagalized” is a colloquial hatchet that refers to the action of converting original texts into the Tagalog language. For instance, if a movie is originally in English, regional television networks in the Philippines might opt to show the Tagalized version of the film v Tagalog dubs.

So, what precisely is the straight Tagalized variation of the English word good night? For this, the extensively accepted kind is “gudnayt.”

Good Night in Tagalog Language (one person)

But stop say you desire to go beyond that word and say an excellent night choose a pro-Tagalog speaker, you may want to usage our list of words below which can assist you level up your night time conversations.



Consistently seeing words “ka”? the is due to the fact that it is the Tagalog version for the English pronoun “you.” because that example, “matulog+ ka+ na” have the right to be straight translated to “sleep + girlfriend + now.” Also, similar to ours discussions on exactly how to say give thanks to you in Tagalog through formal and also informal situations, girlfriend may have actually to add the word “po” when speaking v the elderly and people that authority.

Good Night in Tagalog Language (two or more)

With the dawn of technology, ns am pretty sure that girlfriend will uncover yourself in cases wherein girlfriend would desire to say good night come many world at once- like once you are in a group chat because that example. Be certain to read our next collection of variations below.

When speak to two or much more people, Tagalog speaker usually add the indigenous “kayo” to signify a team of people. In the sense, the examples you will see below will utilize that word.



How would certainly you answer if someone says great night come you?

Now the you have learned just how to usage the major variations because that a an excellent night in Tagalog, you likewise need to discover the typical responses and also what they specifically mean. Beside from having actually a big chance of making use of these greetings in actual life, there is additionally a possibility that the locals will say it earlier to friend too.

At this point, you do not have to worry due to the fact that all you have to do is to add the native “din” or “rin”. If this is your very first time encountering these words, you might want come read ago to our great morning in Tagalog post for a review.

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Learning basic phrases in the Tagalog language

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