Tell a mrs she’s beautiful a hundreds times and also she won’t think you. Call a mrs she’s fat once and she will remember it because that the rest of her life due to the fact that elephants never forget.

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Student: 503 bricks are on a plane. 1 drops off. How countless are left?

Teacher: 502.

Student: how do you placed an elephant in a fridge?

Teacher:No you can’t fit one elephant in a fridge!!

Student: just open door, put elephant in, near door.

Student: just how do you put a giraffe in the fridge?

Teacher: open door,put giraffe in, nearby door

Student: no! open door, take elephant out, placed giraffe in, nearby door.

Student: The Lion King is having a B-day party. All the animals are there, except one. I m sorry one?Teacher: permit me guess: v the lion?

Student: No!The giraffe due to the fact that He’s in a fridge.

Teacher: WOW!

Student: Sally has to get throughout a large river residence to plenty of alligators. Castle are an extremely dangerous, yet Sally swims throughout safely. How?

Teacher: Sally stepped ~ above the alligators mouth?

Student:The gators space at the party.

Student: however Sally dies anyway. Why?

Teacher:She drowned?!

Student: no! She obtained hit in the head through a flying brick.



2 year ago
Q:What go the elephant say come the nude man?

A:How perform you breathe through that tiny thing?


Old Man
4 months ago
A frog goes right into a bank and approaches the teller. He have the right to see from her nameplate that the teller’s surname is Patricia Whack. For this reason he says, "Ms. Whack, I’d choose to get a loan to buy a boat and also go on a long vacation."Patti looks in ~ the frog in disbelief and also asks exactly how much he wants to borrow.

The frog says $30,000.

The novelist asks his name and also the frog states that his surname is Kermit Jagger, his dad is Mick Jagger, and that the OK, he knows the bank manager.

Patti defines that $30,000 is a comprehensive amount of money and that the will have to secure part collateral versus the loan. She asks if he has anything he can use together collateral.

The frog says, “Sure. I have actually this,” and also produces a small pink porcelain elephant, about fifty percent an customs tall, bright pink and also perfectly formed.

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Very confused, Patti explains that she’ll have to consult v the manager and also disappears right into a back office.

She find the manager and says “There’s a frog dubbed Kermit Jagger out there who cases to recognize you and wants come borrow $30,000. He desires to use this together collateral.” She holds up the small pink elephant. “I mean, what the hell is this?”

The financial institution manager looks earlier at her and also says: “It’s a knick knack, Patti Whack. Give the frog a loan. His old man’s a roll Stone”