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Sometimes we people look at problems in weird ways. This was one of the very first things I assumed of last night together we watched the excellent touring musical, The Sound that Music.

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Of food the story is acquainted to just about all that us. Cost-free spirit, Maria, is actors out of she life together a nun because, like so countless of us, watched in one method or another, she was different. She no conveniently ‘fit in.’ so the mommy Abess assigned her to several months working as a governess to a family of over-disciplined children, who had actually apparently chased off one or much more prior ‘gover-persons.’

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When Maria entered the household, she said the kids straight out that she had actually no suffer as a governess. In the show, they exchanged conspiratorial looks, together if come say ‘this one would never ever last,’ would certainly be a piece of cake come treat together they wished. An especially ominous to be the mindset of the eldest daughter, Liesl, that felt she required no governess, no adult supervision whatsoever.

So without any kind of hesitation Maria took off into her lull zone, music. Since the fatality of his wife, Captain von Trapp had actually forbidden music in the house, in his search of denial. For this reason Maria to be unable to get the kids to interact with music of your own, music they already knew. Undaunted, she collection forth v music the reassured and bolstered her, very first and foremost, (as she had in the abbey, in the touring version, with ‘My favourite Things’ ).

The tune she made decision was Do-Re-Mi. 

YouTube Video

In the present last night that tune was the automobile she decided to move them away right into a world of an imaginative activity, of group unity and harmony. Liesl was originally aloof, however the compelling and also unifying nature the the music overcame her resistance, as well, and a good friendship and an imaginative collaboration began.

Initially absent, once the Captain next appeared, he to be upset in ~ the lack of discipline the kids showed in their singing and also joy. He discovered music in the home to it is in provocative, in his grief, until he quit to really listen to what the children and Maria were doing, till he opened himself to the fine energy they projected, the brilliant sound and also rhythms. And he conceded come Maria that, in his grief, he had ‘forgotten.’ forget the healing power of music, the volume for attuning members of a love family. It to be this good epiphany the led him ago to himself and also to the possibilities of parenting, life and also love.

Not surprisingly, music, in the festival performance by the ‘von Trapp family members Singers,’ to be the mechanism that yielded the household from the oppressive Nazi routine that intimidated them.

The function of Maria was played by a young woman called Kerstin Anderson. She to be just great in the role, v a voice and also a manner that honored the Julie andrews performance.

The present opens tomorrow in St. Louis, shortly to visit Detroit and also Chicago, and still much more cities indigenous there. If the comes all over close to you, i can’t introduce it very enough. You won’t remorse it.

I intend I need to really price the concern posed in the diary title prior to closing. For me, the answer is, girlfriend don’t organize a moonbeam in your hand. You let the light play about you, you savor it, enjoy it because that what the is, and then laugh as it flits away. That is as most likely to return to you, in one kind or another, throughout life, more so if you let it and also don’t anticipate it. Since the light can live on in ~ you, as with the music can, and also does.

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