Lets pretend that you room going come be transferred for job-related to a Spanish-speaking country. You might currently know Spanish, therefore there will be no “language barrier” the will affect your transition to your brand-new company. That was exactly what ns thought once I moved from Chile come Argentina in 2001. As soon as I landed on the office and also started asking for basic office supplies, my assistant looked at me v a lost face. Apparently I was speaking a whole different Spanish language.

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Don’t believe me? lets take for example the Spanish language word for pen. This an easy and typical item have the right to be determined with so plenty of words in Spanish-speaking countries. Take it a look at this infographic that lists 12 Spanish words for pen and the countries that use them. But there’s no have to panic or try to memorize all the words. If friend use words bolígrafo you have the right to be understood nearly anywhere.

12 Spanish Words for PEN: Infographic and Posters

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1. BiromeUsed in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. This word originates from the brand “Birome” developed in the 40’s through the agency Bíró pen of Argentina owned by the Bíró brothers and also Juan Jorge Meyne. So, birome is a combination of the names Bíró and also Meyne.

2. BoliIt is the brief for bolígrafo and also it is supplied in Spain.

3. BolígrafoThis is the general usual word for a pen.

4. EsferoShort because that esferográfico and also is typically used in Colombia and Ecuador.

5. EsferográficoAlso esferógrafo and also is a formal/cult word because that pen in Colombia and also Ecuador.

6. LapiceraArgentina

7. LapiceroColombia, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica and also Honduras

8. Lápiz pastaChile

9. Lápiz tintaHonduras

10. PlumaCommon in Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and also Cuba.

11. PlumeroUsed only on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

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12. PuntabolaBolivia

Leave me a comment if you understand of any kind of other nations that use any kind of of this Spanish language words because that pen, or words to include that i missed.