How much of Europe"s population died indigenous the torment in the 1300s?20-30 percent30-40 percent40-50 percent 50-60 percent
How did Charlemagne improve the resides of human being in Europe?He allowed people to select their religion.He raised the strength of the Church.He revitalized education.He strengthened commerce.

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Which description best summarizes why the feudal device benefited all its members?courageinterdependenceself-sufficiencygenerosity
How long did Charlemagne"s empire have an affect on Europe?for decades, till Charlemagne"s deathuntil the Catholic Church shed powerfor much more than eight hundreds yearsfor at the very least one century after Charlemagne"s death
How did the advancement of different languages more divide Europe ~ the autumn of the roman Empire?Latin to be no longer the most crucial language in Europe after the realm fell.French speakers and German speaker separated Europe right into two various parts, with tiny communication between them.Warrior emperors spoke only German, so German-speaking cities came to be the many powerful.Speaking different languages meant world from different locations could no longer communicate easily through each other.
Speaking different languages meant civilization from different locations could no longer connect easily with each other.
The finish of the roman inn Empire significant the beginning of a new era calledthe german Ages.the europe Ages.the Dark Ages.the middle Ages.
What to be the result of the an initial Crusade?The Crusaders beat the Muslims and revived peace to the holy Land.The Muslims lost to the Crusaders yet remained in control of Jerusalem.The Muslims damaged Jerusalem quite than surrender it to the Crusaders.The Crusaders seized Jerusalem however were required to safeguard it for the next one hundred years.
Why would a lord face at the very least as lot danger from intruders as a peasant would?The lord would be most likely to have less protection from others.The lord might not protect himself and a peasant could.The lord would have more to lose, in regards to wealth and property.The lord would certainly be an ext likely come anger invaders.
In what means was the feudal mechanism like the roman inn Empire?Both were based on cooperation between rich and also poor.Both emphasized education for all.Both centralized the european government.Both detailed structure come people"s lives.
After the autumn of the roman inn Empire, which finest describes Europe"s politics situation?Europe had actually a more powerful leader.Europe had no exterior enemies.Europe had much more military power.Europe had no central government.
One an outcome of the an excellent Famine in Europe wasthe persecution the Jews.a ns of religious increase in fatality species of warfare.
As component of the Magna Carta, England"s Parliament had the strength toapprove or refuse the king"s proposals.pass legislation so long as the king approved it.choose a brand-new king if it to be dissatisfied with the monarch"s actions.pass legislation also if the king did not prefer it.

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Which the the adhering to is the best definition of a census?a form of taxation based on propertya count of a population and that is propertya system of feudal governmenta mix of different cultures
The city of Jerusalem was significant to Muslims since it wasthe site of the old temple developed by Solomon.a symbol of Islam due to their pope residents there.the place where Muhammad was stated to have actually ascended to heaven.the ar where Muhammad established the Muslim religion.
Read this passage around the tranquility treaty that finished the third Crusade.Saladin i agree to confirm an ironclad tranquility agreement in between Christians and Saracens . It guaranteed complimentary passage and accessibility to the divine Sepulcher that the Lord, without the necessity of any kind of tribute or fee. It also granted the liberty of happen objects because that sale through any land whatever and of exercising a free commerce.Which was a condition of the tranquility treaty?increased land sales to Christiansincreased tributes payment to Saladin and also the MuslimsChristian occupation the Jerusalemfreedom that trade in between Europeans and also Muslims

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