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River Thames, old Tamesis or Tamesa, also called (in Oxford, England) River Isis, chief flow of southern England. Rising in the Cotswold Hills, its container covers one area of roughly 5,500 square mile (14,250 square km). The traditional source at Thames Head, which is dried for lot of the year, is marked by a stone in a ar 356 feet (108.5 metres) above sea level and also 3 miles (5 km) southwest the the town of Cirencester. Part think a tributary, the flow Churn, has a better claim to gift the source; it rises close to the town of seven Springs (700 feet <213 metres> above sea level), just south that Cheltenham.


The Tower that London and the flow Thames. The earliest component of the fortification, the White Tower (centre right), was constructed in the 11th century and was later on topped by 4 cupolas; the Traitors" gate (centre left) days from the 13th century.

See how London"s Thames obstacle combats flooding brought about by the reversal of water circulation in the flow Thames once levels increase in the north Sea

The average flow at the top limit that the tideway, in ~ Teddington, is 1,856 cubic feet (53 cubic metres) every second, climbing to 4,640 cubic feet (130 cubic metres) per second after winter rain. In excessive floods (e.g., in march 1947) the discharge in ~ Teddington Weir might be as much as 20,900 cubic feet (590 cubic metres) every second. Reputedly, an median of 31,310 cubic feet (887 cubic metres) per 2nd passed over it at some point after heavy storms in 1894. The flow in spate deserve to upset tidal flows for part distance below Teddington, overpowering the just arrived tide and also causing the stream to run seaward consistently for work on end. Vice versa, high spring tides deserve to overtop the weir and impact the river circulation as much as 2 mile (3.2 km) upstream of Teddington. The catastrophic potential that tidal surges because that London’s secret infrastructure, buildings, and population prompted the building and construction of the Thames barrier at Silvertown (completed 1982) and extensive complementary flood defenses follow me the entire tideway.

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The Thames obstacle consists that 10 movable gateways separated by 9 piers. Each gate has actually a curved challenge that lies in a recessed chamber in the riverbed when the barrier is totally open. As soon as the signal is given, the gateways rotate 90° come a close up door position, prevent the course of the surge birds in less than 30 minutes.