How to calculate the Square footage of a rectangular Shaped Area

The area you space calculating can be numerous things, a wall, a floor, a backyard etc.. That is rectangle shaped and you require to obtain the square footage for.

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To calculation the square footage of an area you have to multiply the length measurement by the width or elevation measurementExample: length = 24"width = 12"24 * 12 = 288The square clip of this area is 288 sq ft.

That is pretty simple using entirety numbers. It gets a bit an ext involved calculating from combined numbers. However, because that estimating purposes, combined values have the right to be rounded to whole values. And also most of the time if no always, round upwards. That is much much better to overestimate 보다 under.Example: because that a length of 12" 6" use a 13 in her calculation.for a broad of 8" 4" usage a 9 in her calculation9 * 13 = 117 sq ftOr you can average the worths by round off one worth up and the other down.For a length of 12" 6" usage a 13 in her calculation and also a broad of 8" 4" usage an 8 in your calculation8 * 13 = 104 sq ftOr if you space a stickler for precision, first convert the values to inches:12"6" convert to inches = 150"8" 4" convert to inch = 100"Multiply these 2 values by each other to obtain the square customs result:150 * 100 = 150000 square inches. To convert this come a foot and also inch result divide this amount by 144. ( there space 144 sq customs in one sq foot)150000 / 144 = 104.16666667 the amount prior to the digit becomes the foot result = 104 sq ftremove the foot amount native the decimal and you space left v 0.1666667. Next, main point this lot by 144 to acquire the entirety inch value. (when you took out the whole feet quantity you had to division the customs by 144. In ~ the same time, you separated the inch worth by 144 too. Therefore it makes sense the you have to multiply this leftover decimal by the exact same amount of 144 to get the inch value back).0,1666667 * 144 = 24 sq inches.And there you have it:12"6" * 8" 4" = 104 sq ft add to 24 sq inchConvert both worths to inchesmultiply the two-inch values with each otherdivide this an outcome by 144 and also remove the totality foot valuemultiply the left by decimal by 144 to obtain the customs valueAnd the ethical of this story, it all sounds complicated but when you acquire the cave of that is choose falling off a roof! and also if that all sounds like to lot work to you then usage the calculator below!

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Length One ft in
Length Two ft in
Rounding of Decimal # that digits
Result in Decimal Format ft²
Result ft² in²