Size: LargeWeight: 7.5-10.5 lbLifespan: 5-6 yearsBody Shape: CommercialBest suitable For: Singles, Seniors, House/Apartment Rabbits, households with children, First-time owners, Outdoor/Indoor RabbitsTemperament: Playful, intelligent, calm, affectionateComparable Breeds: Mini Rex hare

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Rex rabbit Breed History/Origin

The Rex rabbit wasn’t born yesterday, ya know! This is an illustrious small bunny with fairly a rich background worth exploring. The Rex rabbit was developed around 1919 in the French town of Louché-Pringé, by breeders that were impressed by this wild rabbit’s beautiful and also luscious fur. This stunning breed was developed from a litter of wild gray rabbits. They to be selectively bred into a domestic breed and also shown in an global rabbit present in Paris in 1924, whereby there was great interest amongst breeders since of the recessive rex gene.

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These hare may have been discovered int the wild initially, however they easily exploded in popularity and also became coveted together pets. Following its very first showing in Paris, the each other was introduced to the United states that same year and also was displayed by American rabbit breeder john C. Fehr and his partner Alfred Zimmerman. The breed was accepted by the American rabbit Breeder’s association (ARBA) shortly after. It’s been a stable in the dwellings of hare lovers ever since. To view a Rex hare in human being is to autumn hard into bunny love. You’ll need to own one immediately and also you won’t regret it.

The Rex rabbit has short, soft hair that points out rather of versus their bodies, making this each other super plushy.

Overall Description

Unlike many animals, hare teeth never stop growing. Thankfully, castle are likewise constantly being worn down by everyday tasks such as chewing your food (mostly hay). If your rabbit’s teeth room not being worn down, its teeth may start cultivation into its jaw and face, causing severe pain. Signs of overgrown this or one infection due to overgrown teeth encompass loss the appetite, slugging activity or drooling around the mouth.

Be certain to examine your rabbit’s mouth weekly for indicators of overgrown teeth and bring them come the vet if you doubt they have an infection, as it can be treated through antibiotics, and also veterinarians can likewise fix your overgrown this problem.

In addition to helping your bunny grind under their teeth, roughage (hay) will certainly promote better digestion, too. Rabbits space avid groomers and also will ingest a many their very own hair throughout the self-cleaning process. Unfortunately, they can not vomit hairballs prefer cats do, and instead, clumps of hair acquire stuck inside their intestines. This is known as GI stasis, a potentially fatal problem that affects every rabbits. To stop it, feeding a the majority of high-quality hay, groom her pet regularly, particularly in the heavy shedding seasons, and inspect their feces for indications of poop that looks favor string the pearls.

Ears should likewise regularly be confirm for ear mites, together this is a usual condition in rabbits, specifically outdoor rabbits.

If you decision to spay or neuter your rabbit, part owners an alert that your rabbit often tends to be much less aggressive, however this breed of hare is not recognized to it is in hostile, so neutering your Rex may do nothing come its personality however make castle calmer. Does have the right to be spayed once they space 4-6 month old while bucks have the right to be neutered together young as 3 and a half months old.

Breeders/owners should try to groom Rex rabbit as tiny as possible, as over-grooming can damage their coats.


Rex hare are normally docile rabbits that won’t mind being picked up and also petted, especially if it’s by a family who frequently lets them the end of your cage to discover their surroundings. Like any domesticated animal, it will grow attached come the household member who spends the most time with them and feeds them the many often, yet it will generally be unafraid of any person who picked lock up with care and pets them.

Its low maintenance makes them great pets for seniors and also first-time pet parents as well as singles or couples who would prefer to shot pet ownership. This hare breed is suitable for children so lengthy as they understand just how to choose up and also care for rabbits, together it is a fragile animal and needs a different treatment than cat or dogs.

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In regards to toys, each rabbit has actually its own personality and also may enjoy some playthings to chew and also entertain itself with. It might be as basic as a toilet file roll come an elaborate pet toy indigenous your regional pet store.

Photo credit: Life top top White/Bigstock; nathanclifford/Bigstock; Marina Jay/Bigstock