In geometry, over there are countless shapes favor circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, cubes, cones, cylinders, and also so on. Among these, the numbers that have four sides are termed quadrilaterals. Squares and rectangles room the most usual shapes seen about us. Apparently, castle seem come be quite similar, however, mathematically, they room different. The key difference between them is that a square has all same sides, whereas, in a rectangle, opposing sides room equal. In other words, a square is a rectangle in which the surrounding sides space equal and the inner angles room equal to 90°.

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1.What is a Square and a Rectangle?
2.Important properties of a Square and a Rectangle
3.Difference between a Square and a Rectangle
4.Why is a Square dubbed a Rectangle?
5.FAQs ~ above Difference in between Square and also Rectangle

What is a Square and a Rectangle?

Although squares and rectangles are quadrilaterals, there are particular properties that identify them.


A square is a level two-dimensional shape that has 4 equal sides, four interior best angles, and also four vertices.


A rectangle is a two-dimensional shape in which the the contrary sides are equal. It has four equal angles and four vertices. All the four angles the a rectangle measure up 90°.

Important properties of a Square and also a Rectangle

Some crucial properties the a square are:

All four sides space equal in length.All the internal angles the a square room 90°.The opposite sides of a square room parallel to each other.The diagonals the a square room equal in length and they bisect every other.

Some vital properties of a rectangle are:

The opposite sides of a rectangle are equal and also parallel to every other.All the internal angles the a rectangle are 90°.The diagonals the a rectangle room of the same length and also bisect every other.

Difference between a Square and a Rectangle

The essential differences in between a square and a rectangle are provided in the table offered below.

Square vs Rectangle

SidesA square has 4 equal sides.In a rectangle, opposing sides space equal.
DiagonalsThe diagonals that a square bisect each other at 90°.The diagonals of a rectangle bisect each various other at various angles. One edge is an obtuse angle and the other one is an acute angle.
Shapes formedA circle deserve to be created with the allude of bisection that the diagonals together the center of the circle due to the fact that all the four vertices room equidistant from the point of bisection.No such shapes can be developed with the point of bisection the the diagonals the the rectangle.
AreaThe area that a square is measured making use of the formula: Area = next × SideThe area that a rectangle is measured together the product that its length and also width. Area = size × Width

The perimeter of a square is calculate by making use of the formula:

Perimeter = 4 × Side

The perimeter that a rectangle is calculate by utilizing the formula:

Perimeter = 2 (length + width)

Length of the diagonal

As per the Pythagoras organize (Pythagorean theorem), the length of the diagonal of a square is the product of the square source of 2 and also the next of the square.

Length of diagonal line = √ (2 × Side)

As per the Pythagoras to organize (Pythagorean theorem), the length of the diagonal line of a rectangle is the square source of the sum of squares the the length and width.

Length of diagonal line = √(Length2 + Width2)

Why is a Square referred to as a Rectangle?

We contact a square a special kind of rectangle because they both share some usual properties i beg your pardon are listed below.

A square and also a rectangle have interior angles equal to 90°.The opposite political parties in both forms are equal and also parallel.The diagonals the bisect each other are equal in length.

Here room some nature that do not use to rectangles and also are found only in squares.

All four sides are equal.Diagonals bisect each various other at ideal angles.

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