L>The exorbitant Wizard that Oz: 17. Just how the Balloon to be LaunchedPrevious chapter: 16. The Magic art of the good Humbug17. Exactly how the Balloon to be LaunchedFor three days Dorothy heard nothing indigenous Oz. These were saddays for the small girl, although her friends were every quitehappy and contented. The Scarecrow told castle there were wonderfulthoughts in his head; yet he would not to speak what they to be becausehe knew no one can understand them but himself. Once the TinWoodman walked around he feel his heart rattling around in hisbreast; and he called Dorothy the had discovered it to be a kinderand an ext tender heart 보다 the one he had actually owned when he to be madeof flesh. The Lion claimed he to be afraid of naught on earth,and would certainly gladly face an army or a dozen the the fierce Kalidahs.Thus each of the tiny party to be satisfied except Dorothy,who longed an ext than ever before to get earlier to Kansas.On the fourth day, to her great joy, Oz sent out for her, and whenshe gotten in the Throne Room the greeted she pleasantly:"Sit down, mine dear; i think i have discovered the way to get youout that this country.""And ago to Kansas?" she asked eagerly."Well, I"m not sure about Kansas," claimed Oz, "for ns haven"t thefaintest concept which way it lies. But the first thing to execute is tocross the desert, and also then it should be basic to find your means home.""How have the right to I cross the desert?" she inquired."Well, I"ll tell girlfriend what ns think," said the little man."You see, as soon as I concerned this country it was in a balloon. Friend alsocame with the air, being lugged by a cyclone. So ns believethe best means to get across the desert will be with the air.Now, that is quite past my powers to make a cyclone; but I"ve beenthinking the issue over, and I think I deserve to make a balloon.""How?" asked Dorothy."A balloon," said Oz, "is make of silk, i m sorry is coated withglue to keep the gas in it. I have actually plenty the silk in the Palace,so it will be no problem to do the balloon. But in every thiscountry over there is no gas to to fill the balloon with, to do it float.""If that won"t float," remarked Dorothy, "it will certainly be of no use to us.""True," answered Oz. "But over there is another method to make itfloat, i beg your pardon is to to fill it with warm air. Hot air isn"t as good asgas, for if the wait should acquire cold the balloon would come down inthe desert, and we need to be lost.""We!" exclaimed the girl. "Are girlfriend going v me?""Yes, that course," responded Oz. "I am worn down of being such a humbug.If I must go the end of this palace my civilization would soon discover I to be nota Wizard, and also then they would be vexed with me for having actually deceived them.So I need to stay shut up in these rooms every day, and also it gets tiresome.I"d much rather go ago to Kansas through you and also be in a circus again.""I shall be glad to have your company," claimed Dorothy."Thank you," he answered. "Now, if girlfriend will help me bland thesilk together, we will start to job-related on our balloon."So Dorothy take it a needle and also thread, and as rapid as Oz reduced thestrips that silk into suitable shape the girl sewed them nicely together.First there to be a piece of light green silk, then a strip of dark greenand then a strip of emerald green; for Oz had actually a sophisticated to do the balloonin different shades that the color around them. It took 3 days to sewall the strips together, yet when it was finished they had actually a large bag ofgreen silk much more than twenty feet long.Then Oz painted the on the inside through a coat of slim glue, to makeit airtight, after ~ which that announced that the balloon to be ready."But we must have a basket to ride in," that said. For this reason he sentthe soldier v the environment-friendly whiskers for a large clothes basket,which he fastened with numerous ropes to the bottom of the balloon.When that was all ready, Oz sent word to his world that he wasgoing to do a visit to a great brother sorcerer’s who resided in the clouds.The news spread quickly throughout the city and everyone pertained to see thewonderful sight.Oz notified the balloon carried out in former of the Palace,and the world gazed upon that with much curiosity. The tin Woodmanhad chopped a huge pile the wood, and also now the made a fire the it,and Oz held the bottom the the balloon end the fire so the thehot wait that developed from it would certainly be captured in the silken bag.Gradually the balloon swelled out and also rose right into the air, untilfinally the basket just touched the ground.Then Oz obtained into the basket and said to every the human being in big voice:"I am currently going away to make a visit. While ns am gone theScarecrow will dominance over you. Ns command girlfriend to obey him together youwould me."The balloon was by now tugging difficult at the rope thatheld it to the ground, for the air within it to be hot, and also thismade that so much lighter in weight 보다 the wait without the itpulled tough to rise right into the sky."Come, Dorothy!" cry the Wizard. "Hurry up, or the balloonwill paris away.""I can"t find Toto anywhere," replied Dorothy, that did notwish to leave her little dog behind. Toto had run right into the crowdto bark in ~ a kitten, and also Dorothy at last uncovered him. She pickedhim up and also ran in the direction of the balloon.She to be within a few steps of it, and Oz was holding the end hishands to assist her right into the basket, when, crack! walk the ropes,and the balloon rose into the air without her."Come back!" she screamed. "I want to go, too!""I can"t come back, mine dear," called Oz indigenous the basket."Good-bye!""Good-bye!" shouted everyone, and also all eyes were turned upwardto wherein the Wizard was riding in the basket, increasing every momentfarther and also farther right into the sky.And the was the last any of them ever before saw of Oz, theWonderful Wizard, despite he may have actually reached Omaha safely,and be over there now, for all us know. But the human being rememberedhim lovingly, and also said to one another:"Oz was constantly our friend.

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When he was right here he built for usthis beautiful Emerald City, and now that is gone he has actually left theWise Scarecrow to ascendancy over us."Still, for numerous days castle grieved over the lose of theWonderful Wizard, and would not be comforted.Next chapter: 18. Away to the South