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Anyone have any experience remove the second row seats?? We have dogs and also I"m one of two people going to make a slide platform for the crates end the urgently down 2nd and 3rd row seats - or - remove the 2nd row which would certainly provide much more height and a reduced step in.I see it won"t be level with the 2nd row out, so will still have to make a communication of sorts, however wondered if anyone has any kind of shop hands-on instructions for these seat or has actually removed your in the past??Yeah, a minivan would have actually been easier but I really want awd or 4wd and also the Sienna v the run-flat tires didn"t reduced it, add to the Pilot is a really nice vehicle and I like the squared off look.Thanks!
2012 4WD Touring Pilot, Silver, w/premium running boards, AVS Ventvisors, PIAA rear fog light, partially blacked-out grill, internal & RLP LED"s, 2nd and 3rd row seats changed with level platform because that dog crates.

People have actually removed the third row, and I suspect the procedure is similar for the 2nd row. Unbolt them. Ns don"t think the second row has any kind of airbags in, yet if it does imply you get a garage come safely disconnect the airbags for you. You"ll most likely want to remove the hide a trunk room as well however will finish up v much more space. Indicate you figure out a way to usage the bolt feet to for sure the platform.
The second row is very easy come remove. The most daunting aspect is remove the plastic covers over the bolts. As soon as these covers are off, just remove the bolts and remove the seat. Ns did this to the 60% section the day i acquired our Pilot home from the dealer.

LTSRACEI don"t know around quick reply yet hit the other article reply button and also you have the right to scroll down to the "manage attachments" button and also upload from your desktop. Go you need to mess with any kind of airbag relations under the seat? Thanks.

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LTSRACE - thanks for the info! Photos would certainly be good too!!pilot88 - ns don"t read in the owners manual of any kind of air bags in the behind seats, think simply the next curtain bags sheathe this area.Sort of favor the idea of leaving the seat IN so the I"ll have actually something to run the ratcheting straps around and also secure every little thing I finish up with. Have actually been looking at the different bedslide type units but are pretty pricey and also the smallest I"ve checked out so far is 58" lengthy which is a little longer 보다 I wanted to go with (the actual chair back room is 51", anything longer will just hang over and 58" virtually touches the front chair backs).But taking them the end does offer an ext space and yeah, i would have the ability to use the seat bolt down points come secure everything platform I end up with and looks favor it"ll absolutely be cheaper 보다 the cargo slide route.Thanks for your help!!
2012 4WD Touring Pilot, Silver, w/premium to run boards, AVS Ventvisors, PIAA rear fog light, partly blacked-out grill, interior & RLP LED"s, 2nd and 3rd row seats replaced with level platform for dog crates.