Homework! Oh, Homework!I hate you! girlfriend stink!I wish I might wash you far in the sink,if only a bombwould to explode you come bits.Homework! Oh, homework!You"re giving me fits.I"d rather take bathswith a man-eating shark,or wrestle a lionalone in the dark,eat spinach and liver,pet ten porcupines,than tackle the homework,my teacher assigns.Homework! Oh, homework!
you"re last on mine list,I simple can"t seewhy you also exist,if you simply disappearedit would certainly tickle me pink.Homework! Oh, homework!I dislike you! you stink!
Jack Prelutsky is a creator the inventive poems because that children and adults alike. He served as the poetry Foundation’s Children’s Poet Laureate from 2006 to 2008. Prelutsky prospered up in the Bronx, and also when he was young he studied classic music; though he provided up follow a career as an opera singer to concentrate on writing, he proceeds to sing.

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In a Scholastic.com interview, as soon as asked whereby his concepts come from, Prelutsky said, “Everywhere! whatever I watch or hear can become a poem. Number of toys in my studio have turned into poems. Ns remember points that taken place when ns was a son <. . .> Or i write about things I favor or don’t like. Ns love spaghetti and also wrote a poem around it.”He has actually written more than 40 children’s books, often working with popular illustrators such as Garth Williams, Arnold Lobel, and also Marilyn Hafner. Prelutsky has additionally edited collections of poetry for children, includingThe 20th Century Children’s city Treasury(1999).
Hyperboles room poems that typically contain exaggeration of ideas to support focus of the poem. The writer can use hyperboles to establish comparison in the poem. Also, hyperboles can produce a humorous result in a poem. Often, hyperboles are used in our everyday speech. Jack Prelutsky uses hyperboles transparent this poem, like the college student hating homework so lot that he or she would quite take a bath with a man-eating shark. The is why his poem is a hyperbole poem.
This funny poem talks around how mad homework can make students. The college student in the poem hates homework so lot that that would quite wrestle a lion, take it baths with a man-eating shark, and other stunner things. Periodically homework deserve to just drive you insane. Being funny, this poem deserve to tell the leader to just take a break when homework is stressing you.

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The snapshot above represents the student"s the atmosphere in the poem. In the snapshot the young is mad at his homework, and also from analysis the city I deserve to infer that the college student in the city is foolish also. This snapshot to me, does a good job showing how the young in the poem is acting.