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Here come theHere comes theHere comes theYa'll don't really want it now (BOOM!)Here comes the (BOOM!)Here come the (BOOM!)Here come theYa'll don't really desire it currently (BOOM!)Here comes the (BOOM!)Here come the (BOOM!)Here come theYa'll don't really want it currently (BOOM!)It's the N-E-Double L-YI said it therefore I store it realz up in mine hood, ~ above the dirty prefer BledsoeAin't gained no twist in mine hair, yet I'm quiet dread throwinI gots plenty of bread so ns go come bed complete nowAin't in it to win, to win it I'm all inI might contact you mine cuz youngblood, however we ain't kin nawYa think that jumpin man, you finest think againLil dirty, I'm the type of guy that might might go because that revengeHave some not so pretty friends,kick the door turn off the hingeTake the door of ya Benz, p-p-pop 4 of your friendsThis here ain't pessimistic (Uh uh)Mental, subliminal, I'm physical, financial, and also mental to be a generalLil mama come, she desire a soldierNot the type be in the tank, however in the RoverI'm in the zone like AIDS full blownI'm killin it choose a blind male readin, I'm feelin it favor (BOOM!)
He really think he gutterWhen he understand he soft as butterHe ain't never been a fighterYou deserve to go and also ask his motherI'm a lover and also a fighter, producter and also a writerGive your girl a rapid fix, and give ya man a pretty shine(Ya'll don't really want it) and I deserve to tell just by lookinThat you the form to run and go and also tell just by lookin in ~ yaYou want a mission for recognition by dissinThen have actually no difficulty till the document started rippin(Ya'll don't really desire it) so let me call ya the dealI'm five so serious, I'm dirty, I'm no longer for realLIKE A HOP SKIP and A JUMP, a Glock grip on the pumpFrom leavin you in da trunk, somewhere prepared to dump(Ya'll don't really desire it) therefore quit actin like you deafI'm LOOKIN TO my RIGHT, tryna watch who's leftSo uh, you much better watch it fore ns stick come the planAnd be the following Artest to operation up in your stands favor (BOOM!)Ya'll don't really desire it, don't really desire itYa'll don't really desire it with meI know ya shook man, friend ain't built forAs scared together a nigga can beIt's gon sound choose (BOOM!)When I'm comin favor (BOOM!)When I'm comin favor (BOOM!)When ns come for yaIt's gon sound favor (BOOM!)When I'm comin favor (BOOM!)When I'm comin favor (BOOM!)When i come for yaIt's gon sound like (BOOM!)(Hook)