Why is my inspect engine irradiate on and also what does password P0141 mean?

What go it typical if you have actually a P0141 code and also your inspect Engine irradiate is on? P0141,“O2 Sensor Heater Circuit breakdown (Bank 1,Sensor 2),” meanssomething is preventingyour car’s financial institution 1 number 2 o2 sensor’s boil circuit native workingcorrectly.

In this video, our mechanic reflects you exactly how to inspect and test your oxygen sensors, their circuits and wiring, fuses, and other areas to help you figure out what’s triggering the P0141 code.

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Check Engine Light? O2 Sensor Heater Circuit breakdown – code P0141

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What is password P0141 and what does that mean?

When your automobile has a P0141 diagnostic troublecode, that meansthe boil circuit discovered inthe downstreamo2 sensor 2in financial institution 1ismalfunctioning.Our mechanic defines that boil circuit’s duty beginning at :17in the video above.

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That cook circuit isn’t heating up,which means the o2 sensor itself might be faulty or failing, or the itscircuits,wiring,or connectorscould befaulty orbroken.A swollen fuse orPowertrain manage Module(PCM)issue could also prevent the circuit fromheating properly.

Can ns drive through P0141? just how serious is this code?

Depending ~ above what’s leading to the concern that triggered P0141,your engine may become stuck in “open loop”mode,which meansmore fuelis melted thanusual. It’s best to deal with a P0141 password as quickly as possibleto avoid other related repairs.

What are common P0141 password symptoms?

Rough-running engine Poor fuel economy 

What are the common causes of P0141?

Power circuit wiring issue or damage, such together a wiring break or something else staying clear of power from obtaining to the fuse boxBlown fusePCMcircuit break or various other wiring issuePCM issueFaulty or failing financial institution 1, o2 Sensor 2 boil circuitFaulty or failing financial institution 1, o2 Sensor 2Remote starter not sending power to the o2 sensor’s circuits

How execute I diagnose and also fix password P0141?

Inspect and also run strength circuit tests

You’llwant to turn your key to the on position (your cardoesn’thave to be running).Use a test light to test both o2 sensor fuses(depending on your vehicle, thesetwofuses will be described as fuse 1 and also fuse 2 or fuse A and fuse B). Our mechanic walks friend through how to execute this check at 1:44 in the video clip above.If the check light lights up,you’llknow thatparticular fuseisn’tcausing the problemthat triggeredP0141.

If the power circuit isn’t working, there might be a rest in its wiring, or an additional issue avoiding power from getting to the fuse box, or you might even have a puffy fuse.

InspectBank 1, Sensor 2’swiresand connectorfor fraying or damage

Our mechanic shows you how to locate your o2 sensors, and also the bank 1, o2 sensor 2 specifically, beginning at 2:17. The automobile our mechanic functions on in the video has 4 o2 sensors: Two on the driver’s side and also two ~ above the passenger side. The bank 1 sensors are referred to as bank 1, Sensor 1, and also Bank 1, Sensor 2; the financial institution 2 sensors: bank 2, Sensor 1, and Bank 2, Sensor 2. 

CheckBank 1,Sensor 2’s wiring(2:59)—our mechanic noticessome “chafing” ~ above the outside part of one wire, yet it no look like any kind of of the wires space broken.

Also,inspect this sensor’s electrical connector (3:12). Disconnect the connector and look at its terminalsto see if lock look choose they’re spread out apart or green,either ofwhichindicatesan issue.

Use a check light to inspect the fuse to identify if the problem is ground-related

With your an essential still on, use a test light to test the ground (our mechanic reflects you just how to carry out this beginning at 3:29).

Inspect and also runPCMcircuit tests

Use a multimeteror check lightto check the resistance

As our mechanic explains at 4:11, you could test the soil circuit making use of a multimeter, however the resultsaren’talwaysasaccurateas making use of a check light (4:21).

If the check light doesn’t light up, this can meanthat yes a break in the wiring, or the something is dorn internally in the PCM.

If both circuits space working,thenit’sthe oxygen sensor’sheated circuitthat’scausing the problem and triggering theP0141 code, i m sorry meansyou’llneed to change that o2 sensor.

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In a situation when your auto hasall 4 heater circuit control codes(list castle here), you most likely don’t need to replace allfour o2 sensors. It’s much more likely that something else is leading to the problem, suchasan aftermarket remote starter no poweringthe circuits that revolve on the controls.

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