Section 6.1. Safety belts – ideal positioning, adjustment and also drivers’ legitimate responsibilities

We have actually all heard the the elderly lady who resided in a tiny apartment and died the starvation. When the police went to investigate, they uncovered over $10,000 in cash. She starved to death, however she had actually the resources accessible to survive within her reach. What perform you call someone like that?

The same have the right to be said of a person who die in a car crash because she or he refuse to undertake a chair belt. What execute you call someone who dies as soon as survival is in ~ his or her reach? What is also worse is once someone go not placed his or her boy in a suitable safety seat.

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Lap/Shoulder security Belts


Florida’s law is “Click it, or Ticket!!”Buckle up – It’s the Law!!!

Florida now has actually a main enforcement seat belt law, meaning drivers can be ticketed because that not making use of their chair belts also if over there is no various other traffic offense.

The first mandatory belt use legislation was spreading in the State of brand-new York in 1984. Adult belt use laws are now in result in 49 States and also the district of Columbia. The regulations differ from state to state, according to the type and period of the vehicle, occupant seating position, etc.

Research has uncovered that lap/shoulder safety and security belts, when used, alleviate the risk of deadly injury come front-seat passenger auto occupants by 45 percent and also the threat of moderate-to-critical injury by 50 percent. For light van occupants, safety and security belts reduce the threat of fatal injury through 60 percent and moderate-to-critical injury by 65 percent.

In 2007, 28,933 citizens of passenger vehicles (cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs) were killed in motor automobile traffic crashes. This to represent 70 percent the the 41,059 website traffic fatalities reported because that the year.

Among passenger automobile occupants end 4 year old, safety and security belts saved an approximated 15,147 resides in 2007.

Ejection native the vehicle is one of the many injurious occasions that can occur to a human being in a crash. In deadly crashes in 2007, 76% that passenger vehicle occupants who were completely ejected from the auto were killed. Security belts are efficient in preventing total ejections. Just 1% that the inhabitants reported to have been utilizing restraints were entirely ejected, compared with 31% of the unrestrained occupants.1 The facts speak because that themselves. Whether you room going twenty miles every hour or seventy miles every hour, you are a lot far better off put on your safety belt.

The 1999 NHTSA study, Crash result Data Evaluation device (CODES), attached traffic and medical records in seven claims to assess complete costs that injury indigenous motor auto crashes. The study found that the mean inpatient expenses for crash victims that were not using safety belts were 55 percent higher than because that those that were belted (most existing data available).

Proper Positioning and Adjustments of safety Belts


Wear lap belts approximately your hips, no your stomach. Fasten them snugly. Stay a shoulder belt only with a lap belt (F.S. 316.614).

Florida now has a main enforcement chair belt law, meaning drivers deserve to be ticketed because that not using their seat belts even if there is no various other traffic offense.

Any violation the these regulations is taken into consideration a nonmoving violation the carries a fine.

Section 6.2. Head rests – suitable positioning and also adjustment

According to the insurance money Institute because that Highway Safety, whiplash injuries in the US as result of front or behind crashes cost more than 7 exchange rate dollars a year. It is no wonder the insurance companies have an active interest in the quality of headrests that space being installed and also utilized in motor vehicles today.

In 1995 it was practically impossible to discover an efficient headrest. European auto companies led the fee in providing quality flexible headrests for the consumer.

A headrest is only effective if that is positioned properly. Most front and also rear crashes reason the head come twist ~ above the neck. This snapping activity is what causes whiplash. The best way to protect against that native happening is to have a headrest adjusted so that the point of contact between your head and the headrest is right where the an equipment meets the basic of the skull (where the skull meets the height of the neck). Another great rule of ignorance is that the point of contact should be no reduced than the ears.

The position of your seat has actually a many to carry out with the performance of the headrest as well. The distance between the headrest and the earlier of her head need to be as small as possible. If your auto seat is reclined therefore low that it resembles the recliner in her living room instead of a driver seat, the headrest will carry out you little good because this distance defeats the objective of the headrest.

Section 6.3. Kid restraints – proper positioning and adjustment and also driver’s legitimate responsibilities

In 2007 in the US, there were 317 passenger auto occupant fatalities among children under 4 year of age. Of the 317 fatalities in this period group for which restraint usage was known, 109 (44%) were unrestrained.2

Among kids under 5 years old, an approximated 382 resides were conserved in 2007 by boy restraint use. Of these 382 resides saved, 358 were linked with the use of child safety seats and 24 through the usage of adult belts.1

Research top top the effectiveness of child safety and security seats has discovered them to mitigate fatal injury by 71 percent for babies (less than 1 year old) and also by 54 percent for toddlers (1-4 years old) in passenger cars. Because that infants and toddlers in light trucks, the corresponding reductions room 58 percent and 59 percent, respectively.

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If 100 percent of motor automobile occupants under 5 year old were defended by child security seats, an estimated 453 stays (that is, an additional 71) might have been conserved in 2007.

Failure to review the child security seat installation accuse and/or auto owner manual instructions about safety belts could result in significant injury or fatality as a an outcome of a failure of the child security seat to be securely and/or appropriately installed.2