Who hasn"t pooped your pants or at least squeezed the end a shart or two on the lengthy road that life. Pooping you yourself is sort of like losing your virginity or going to war, people who haven"t excellent it simply can"t relate. Us asked some brand-new Yorkers around their...

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Oh man, Ted look at uncomfortable here. Ns wonder if his pants are overflowing v shit?

With every this speak of tackling gun control and reeling in the NRA, it seemed just a issue of time prior to pants-pooping gotten in the conversation, right? and who far better to take it it there 보다 Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, that kindly reminded united state that NRA plank member and singing total lover Ted Nugent can have been a Vietnam war draft dodger and also pants-pooper. According to a Noisecreep interview, Dee stated Ted admitted come pooping himself and letting his physical wellness go to hell so he would fail the physics exam and not get blown to piece by the Viet Cong.


So what of it? us asked some new Yorkers around their adult experiences v dropping dookies in your trousers.

Kyria (left) and also Stephanie, students native Belgium

Stephanie: Pooped myself? my English isn't for this reason good. Execute you typical making a poo-poo in my pants?

Kyria: No, i haven't. But I know civilization who did once they were drunk. A lot of world actually.

Tell us one of their stories.

Kyria: when one of our friends to be wasted in ~ a party she blacked out. The following day she woke up yet didn't mental pooping top top the floor in she room.

Stephanie: It to be on the floor though, so not in her pants.

Have you ever been drunk enough to follow in she footsteps?

Kyria: No, i haven't. However you never know, ns guess.

Barry, van driver: Not as an adult, uh-uh.

What around other world you know?

Oh yeah. A girlfriend of mine who's also a truck driver said me that someday he had a diarrhea thing going on. That couldn't host it until he got to the following truck stop, he had to go, so he simply said "I'm gonna walk in this cursed truck."

He was driving?

Yeah. You'll be driving a lengthy distance and also if you gained some diarrhea you space not walk to make it come the van stop, also if you're in a hurry. You have to do what you have do. There's no means you can hold the shit till the next stop.

What about the halfway point, frequently known together sharting? ever before done that on the job?

I carry out sometimes. Periodically stuff comes out. Friend can't hold that shit in. Sometimes you're make the efforts to do a huge fart then you let one rip and also think "Oh Lord, I've crossed the line." It's a different thing that absolutely comes up as an adult.


How perform you react when it happens?

There ain't shit you deserve to do around it however clean your self up. Or acquire yourself a brand-new pair of drawers.

Jordan and Noah, high school students

Jordan: prefer Al Roker at the White House? ns haven't recently, i think.

Noah: ns haven't but there room stories of friends who have.

Jordan: What?

Rat castle out.

Noah: One of mine friends got really fear one night at camp and actually pooped himself. He was choose ten in ~ the time.

What around adult sharting?

Jordan: the is a well line.

Noah: Yeah. However I haven't done it. Not that I know of, no.

Jordan: ns mean, I normally don't check 'cos i feel prefer it'd be a little weird if you in reality did check. I may have crossed the line, however I just don't recognize it.

So sharting is all around being the end of sight, the end of mind?

Jordan: Maybe. Mine adult sharting status is a identify maybe.

Phoebe, non-profit employee: Done what?

Pooped yourself. 

I think you're gonna have actually to give me the background on what that means.

Dropped a deuce in her pants… done a twosie in your trousers.

Oh my God, no.

What would certainly the circumstances must be for things to gain that dire?

Well, I recognize when mice dice they poop themselves. So ns guess it'd take a life-threatening instance or actual death. Are afraid that my life was about to end.

Any friends who've excellent it?

No. But I don't think they'd recognize to the anyway.

Tim, property advancement lawyer: Have I ever pooped myself together an adult? Yeah. Yeah, ns have.


What's the story?

Well, that wasn't like a full poop. OK, that was.

The real deal?

It wasn't good. That was not good. Girlfriend know exactly how it is. Friend fart once you've obtained the operation or something and also break brand-new ground.

How go you take care of it?

You've gotta obtain out the there appropriate away, friend know? maybe tie a sweater around your waist due to the fact that by that allude you probably have a stain on her pants. It's not a an excellent situation. The hasn't occurred often, thankfully.

But girlfriend seem to have a setup in place.

You've obtained to. It's a confusing situation.

Tay, university student: I have actually never pooped myself as an adult, yet I still have actually plenty of year so that knows.

In the middle of my last interview you shouted out that an ex pooped self once. Call me around it.

OK, i was date this guy. Us were life in India and also he got sick the night before my birthday, however the next day he stated he feel fine again. We were walking come a bar and all of a suddenly he sprints within a KFC and also was in there for choose a half hour. Climate he comes out, doesn't to speak anything, and I believed he'd just taken a shit. But like, normally. Then we proceed for the remainder of the night and also on the rickshaw home five hours later he's choose "Tay, ns pooped my trousers at the KFC earlier."

How'd he hide the smell from the group?

He tossed his boxers! He was in the bathroom forever cleaning himself. He appeared fine.

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And he partied on?

He partied on. He to be a great boyfriend. That's love: Pooping her pants on her girlfriend's birthday and keeping that a mystery until the night's done.