bother Potter and also the fifty percent Blood Prince verified us that all is not well in the magical world. Wizards were starting to turn on every other due to the fact that of the battle that to be brewing. World couldn’t be trusted and also it appeared as though everyone had a definite next they to be on v this upcoming battle. Whether you to be siding through the stimulate of the Phoenix or the fatality Eaters, hogwarts was particularly scary place to be at during this time. The death Eaters, however, took the first hit to obtain the war began by acquisition out the ever so essential Dumbledore to the surprise and also shock that the school.

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This rate of the bother Potter collection shows our favourite characters an ext grown up and taking on responsibilities that past installments didn’t have. Take care of is confronted with dark forces and must aid Dumbledore retrieve and also destroy Tom Riddle’s Horcruxes, i m sorry is a big and dangerous responsibility. Perform you remember every one of the details from Harry Potter and also the half Blood Prince? deserve to you name the smaller details that others might have missed if diving right into this installment? Prove the you space the ultimate Harry Potter fan by acquisition our miracle quiz!

concern 1

Which that the complying with was no a spell invented by the Half-Blood Prince?

Langlock Muffliato Sectumsempra Mantadunges
The fifty percent Blood Prince was a mysterious human indeed together he was known by a textbook by bother Potter. The seemed favor he had actually all the answers because that every thing Harry was searching for when it concerned his schoolwork. Also Hermione was jealousy of the skills Harry had since of the desire textbook Harry to be given. This fifty percent Blood Prince was also writing his very own spells due to the fact that his level of field of expertise was just so great. However which spell wasn’t designed by the half Blood Prince?

question 2

What walk Harry slip right into Ron’s pumpkin juice the morning of your Quidditch match?

Ron is a good Quidditch player, but his confidence isn’t the highest on the team. Gryffindor had actually a vast game versus Ravenclaw for the Quidditch Cup and also Ron wasn’t feeling choose his normal, cheery self that day, for this reason Harry chose to assist him out a little bit v some extra magic. The spiked Ron’s glass with something a little extra therefore he would execute a little much better in the game and get his confidence increase more. What to be it that Harry put in his glass?

question 3

In which subject does Harry obtain an "Outstanding" O.W.L?

Harry can not be able to stand as much as Hermione once it pertains to grades, yet there is one topic that he runs circles approximately her. It’s among those things that harry doesn’t even really must study since he simply gets it. Hermione demands to review all the books endlessly to keep up v him. Ns guess everyone has their talents and also this is certainly Harry. It to be no surprised that Harry did so well on his O.W.L exams in every honesty.

concern 4

Which was not one of Wilkie Twycross's "Three D's the Apparition"?

according to Wilkie Twycross, there are three important determinants to one apparition. What makes it less complicated (or harder) is the they all begin with the letter “D.” for the students, this might not it is in the most riveting subject to learn about, but since they have ghosts hovering all approximately their school, it could be miscellaneous somewhat helpful to know, am i right? yet what were these 3 catchy, “D” words that were what Wilkie Twycross thought about the “Three D’s the Apparition?”

inquiry 5

Who's the Defense versus the Dark arts teacher this year?

five boy, that Defense versus the Dark Arts class is a difficult one for the professors that walk v its revolving doors that seems. No matter what the institution does, it doesn’t seem like they deserve to keep anyone employed really long in this role. What is the attend to this class? Is the Voldemort, is the the fatality Eaters, or is the job simply that difficult to do? Well, in Harry’s sixth year the schooling, over there was, yet again, another Defense versus the Dark arts teacher. That was it?

inquiry 6

When to be Tom Riddle born?

Tom Riddle, aka Voldemort himself, was also once a boy too. It’s tough to believe that someone so sinister can have actually been young and also naïve at one point. However, Tom constantly seemed to have an evil side to him, also when he to be young. Horcruxes and dark magic constantly fascinated the although he was a good student at Hogwarts. Tom to be someone the Dumbledore believed could i do not care a an excellent wizard one day, yet instead he became the many terrifying one anyone has ever before heard of. But when to be his birthday?

concern 7

Which death Eater casts the Dark Mark above the Astronomy Tower?

bother Potter and the fifty percent Blood Prince was once all the darkness really hit the fan. The Dark mark was in ~ its most powerful in this adventure, and it was vibrantly shown right over the Astronomy Tower for every to see at one point. If that isn’t enough to scare anyone fully silly, ns don’t recognize what is. Well, this mark certainly left its note for lack of better words due to the fact that it was just the beginning of what was to come, yet who cast it to start with?

concern 8

Which house's table is furthest away from the enntrance gate Hall?

The Entrance room is wherein everyone would certainly gather because that things prefer announcements and the awards for house Cup. Anyone eats in harmony among each other despite their differences…kind of. This point out is type of a huge deal in ~ Hogwarts since it is a usual area. Everyone has their location in this dinning area and it seems as though the houses still have tendency to save to themselves also though it’s an area that permits for the residences to mingle, yet which home is sit furthest indigenous the enntrance gate Hall?

concern 9

What’s the surname of Katie Bell’s friend that was v her once she touch the cursed necklace?

Katie Bell didn’t have actually the finest luck once it concerned her safety. The bad girl was simply walking v her friend once she stumbled ~ above a debilitating curse. It no seem favor anyone is for sure in the magical people during this time with every one of the Dark Marks and Horcruxes around. At least she ended up being okay at the finish of the day, however it could have been so lot worse. When Katie Bell to be walking innocently by, what was the name of her girlfriend she was walking with?

inquiry 10

What to be the last score that Gryffindor's match versus Ravenclaw because that the Quidditch Cup?

due to the fact that of Ron’s newfound confidence in addition to the awesome game played by the remainder of his teammates, consisting of Harry, the victory versus Ravenclaw for the Quidditch Cup to be won by Gryffindor. It was a hard game the was played fine by both sides, yet the important deserving team finished up pulling it out in the end. Back you virtually wish the both teams might have pulled a victory in this game, what was the final score the Gryffindor finished up to win the game with?

concern 11

Who was the fifty percent Blood Prince?

The half Blood Prince was someone that virtually seemed supervisor human because of his abilities in his academics. Harry had actually absolutely no idea that this human was, and he had actually absolutely no idea that it was someone that was actually so close to him. Bother excels in his researches while he adheres to the scribbles of the fifty percent Blood Prince, yet he no seem to treatment as much while the grades and attention room rolling in. He had no idea the the half Blood Prince was actually such vital person. That was he?

concern 12

Who says, "Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth?"

these seem favor wise words spoken by someone it is been approximately the block a few times. This human being is definitely someone that has actually respect for everyone regardless of their age. Just since you’re young doesn’t average that you need to be underestimated according to this person. An ext people should probably listen, because people choose Harry Potter room making all the difference at hogwart at the time. The adults of the magical world should pay an ext attention and also not blow off the younger generation during this critical time.

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concern 13

Who by chance eats chocolate cauldrons laced through a love potion?

oh the hormones at Hogwarts. Turns out these distinct chocolates were actually for Harry, but someone else gained a organize of castle by accident instead. This to be a strong potion since it take it a small time because that the person who ate them come snap out of it. Isn’t it sort of stunner that people actually placed love spells ~ above each various other in the wonder world? but I guess it renders sense since they have the resources for it. That accidentally ate the chocolates with the love potion?

inquiry 14

Who was obsessively in love v Ron?

speaking of love, there was someone the was for sure enamored through Ron, and also he did finish up dating her for a tiny while. I m so sad this young connection didn’t work out too long since Ron to be calling out for another girl when he remained in the school’s hospital. Talk about awkward, am i right? However, it was for the best since Ron really did no return her obsessive feel anyway, but who was it that way hopelessly in love through Ron?

inquiry 15

What walk Professor Slughorn teach?

Professor Slughorn was a brand-new professor for hogwarts this year and he absolutely likes come play favorites amongst his students. That actually just invited a tiny group of students to his exclusive Christmas party he hosted in his office. The students likewise seem to have actually a pretty tough time in his class—well, the is other than for bother that shows up to breeze with it with aid from the fifty percent Blood Prince (and the various other student’s dismay). What subject did Professor Slughorn teach?

question 16

Which textbook walk Harry uncover that belonged to the fifty percent Blood Prince?

Well, the half Blood Prince had actually to be presented to harry somehow, and also it simply so taken place that take care of “met” him through a textbook. His perfect instructions in ~ the textbook take care of was offered seem to lug him v his classes come the point where Harry seems to get somewhat obsessed through the text itself. Not to cite that these scribbles it seems ~ to be making every one of the other students jealousy of harry’s abilities. What subject was this textbook in though?

concern 17

Which horcrux carry out Harry and Dumbledore believe they have found?

Tom Riddle's journal Marvolo Gaunt's ring Salazar Slytherin's locket Nagini the line
Dumbledore and Harry go on the dangerous trip to find a Horcrux castle think they’ve located, however the journey certainly proves to have its own collection of snags along the way. Not only did negative Dumbledore have to drink a potion that caused him unbearable pain, yet Harry can’t execute anything to aid him in the meantime. It to be a hard instance that both of castle walk away safely yet they yes, really lucked the end with all of the looming risk in this situation. What Horcrux did they think castle found?

concern 18

Who is bespeak to kill Dumbledore?

Dumbledore is a big deal in the magical world—he’s practically like a celebrity in his very own right. This renders him the target to the death Eaters that are an ext than willing to death him as conveniently as possible. In fact, castle actually have a plan they placed together regarding who is supposed to kill him and everything. Little do they recognize that Dumbledore is on come the plot the entire time, but who walk they assign to kill Dumbledore?

inquiry 19

Who called Tom Riddle just how to do horcruxs?

Well, someone had to put the awful idea that Horcruxes into Tom Riddle’s head, how else would certainly he know exactly how to produce them? Well, the human that told Tom just how to create Horcruxes end up being incredibly embarrassed the the situation, but he had actually no idea the this look at innocent kid would revolve out come be lord Voldemort that is the can be fried evil. This person also went so much as to readjust his memory so people wouldn’t see just how Tom was told how to develop a Horcrux.

concern 20

What was the surname of the device Harry uses to view Professor Slughorn's memories?

the course, the magical civilization has a an equipment where you have the right to view memories. The inquiry is, just how do you know if castle are actual memories or not since witches and also wizards have actually the ability to readjust their memories as to how lock would choose them to be seen. Harry views a really detrimental memory including just how Tom Riddle learned exactly how to develop Horcruxes, but the initial memory no the genuine memory. What to be the surname of the an equipment that allowed him to watch these memories?

question 21

Who was no invited to Professor Slughorn's Christmas party?

Professor Slughorn is well-known to beat favorites and his tiny band that students he invites to his Christmas party proves that. Not everyone is component of this small list, and it seems that only the college student that room doing yes, really well in his class are component of his exclusive tiny club. It seems kind the odd that a teacher would want to obtain that close to his students, but what execute I know. Out of all the students the were invite to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party, i beg your pardon of the adhering to didn’t make the list?

question 22

Who is Dumbledore’s deputy headmistress?

As much as that would desire to, Dumbledore can’t execute it all as soon as it involves his task at Hogwarts. The needs world to help him v the higher level service that go on roughly the campus. Asking someone he deserve to trust to it is in the deputy headmistress is a great start since a lot drops onto this person’s shoulders, and the human being he assigned doesn’t disappoint due to the fact that she is a reputable candidate. Who does he have actually as deputy headmistress at Hogwarts?

question 23

How old need to a college student be to take an Apparition test?

The Apparition test is no joke and the younger kids aren’t ready to take this quite in depth exam. Over there is a lot involved when it pertains to Apparitions and the students in ~ Hogwarts need to have the proper training in stimulate to be able to take the test at their fullest ability. There is also an period limit the was placed on the exam, an interpretation you have to be over a specific age to take it it. Just how old must you be in bespeak to take an Apparition test?

inquiry 24

Which house Elf does Harry inherent from Sirius Black?

Unfortunately, Harry and Sirius black color won’t have the ability to be the happy family they planned come be as soon as Sirius to be alive. Because Bellatrix Lestrange eliminated him, they space as far apart together Harry and his parental now, leaving Harry there is no a household to treatment for him yet again. It just seems all around unfair. However, take care of did natural some things from Sirius consisting of his residence elf who isn’t the most agreeable or satisfied elf around. Which home elf go Harry inherent from Sirius?

concern 25

Who walk Harry record with Sirius’s stolen belongings?

It seems as though several of Sirius’ items went absent after his death, and although they no entitled come his stuff, some human being decided to steal several of his points the moment he passed. Although take care of didn’t originally know wherein Sirius’ belongings acquired to, the did find some that his things as soon as he saw one of the human being that stole indigenous him. That course, this furious Harry together Sirius is his godfather. Who was the human he recorded with Sirius’ stolen items?

inquiry 26

What Horcrux walk Dumbledore destroy?

Dumbledore go on a wild goose chase searching down Tom Riddle’s Horcruxes and trying to ruin them. This proves to not be such a basic task due to the fact that Voldemort has actually put with each other a collection of security checks to save his Horcruxes safe from harm. One must basically outsmart Voldemort in bespeak to damage one of his Horcruxes. However, Dumbledore seemed to damage one of them before he picked up Harry for the college year, i beg your pardon one go he manage to destroy?

concern 27

What does Draco Malfoy questioning Borgin to resolve for him?

Draco is tasked with killing Dumbledore before the end of the institution year, which method he is working through the poor guys in stimulate to carry out so. Over there is a plan put into place that the fatality Eaters will sneak ~ above the campus to assist Draco v his task, therefore Draco need to have every one of the appropriate preparations in bespeak to pull this setup off. It appears the thing he needed many was broken and also needed part repairing, what was the thing Draco request Borgin to solve for him?

inquiry 28

What does Harry doubt Draco Malfoy of being?

Draco and also Harry have actually never really viewed eye to eye, however this time bother suspects that Draco is approximately no great as he has actually been sneaking approximately the campus with an agenda. Harry gets the impression that something serious wrong is walking on v Draco and he suspects something an extremely dark is involved as well since Draco’s dad no the many noble of world either nor did the hang roughly with the ideal people. What go Harry doubt was walking on v Draco Malfoy?

question 29

Who little Remus Lupin, turning him right into a werewolf?

Remus Lupin no born together a werewolf, he was turned into a werewolf. If you remember indigenous previous harry Potter installments, Remus Lupin doesn’t have actually a entirety lot of control of what that is doing as soon as he is a werewolf either. It’s actually sort of scary since people who space friends through him could die due to the fact that they space in the wrong ar at the not correct time. That was the human who little bit Lupin to revolve him into a werewolf in the an initial place?

inquiry 30

Where is Draco as soon as he cannot be situated on the Marauder’s Map?

Draco is really going with some severe stuff throughout this installment of the bother Potter series. He has actually been hanging out v the dorn crowd and also he is in method over his head as soon as he is tasked to kill Dumbledore. Draco no a totally bad person choose his father, yet he doesn’t want the death Eaters to kill him as a an outcome of his failure either. Once Draco wasn’t able come be situated on the Marauder’s Map once Harry was tracing him, where was he?

question 31

How numerous times has Dumbledore been offered the place of Minister the Magic?

Just due to the fact that Dumbledore has been available the function of Minister the Magic, doesn’t median he wants it. Sure, this task would encompass much much more than a school, but it appears as though Dumbledore is nice happy v what he has on his plate now. Not to point out that that has enough drama gift the headmaster at hogwart to start with. The guy is always putting out fires there. However how numerous times to be Dumbledore available the position of Minister of Magic?

question 32

Who replaced Cornelius Fudge as the new Minister of Magic?

Cornelius Fudge couldn’t be the Minister the Magic forever. The guy had actually the task for quite some time and now it to be someone else’s revolve to action up to the plate. Although, the ministry would certainly love the if Dumbledore would be your minister, they need to settle on someone else acquisition the gig together Dumbledore didn’t want the job. Lucky for lock they have actually a bunch of human being that perform want this coveted role. Who changed Cornelius Fudge together the brand-new Minister of Magic?

inquiry 33

How many complimentary periods walk Harry and Ron have on the first day the school?

Ron and also Harry sure room the dynamic duo. Castle do every little thing together and are usually the various other one’s shadow. Also in class this year they have the very same schedules and complimentary periods. Harry and also Ron can not have the ability to keep up v Hermione when it comes to studies, yet they seem perfect alright through that under time that they have this year. What a relief after their first five stressful years! how many free periods go they have the first day?

concern 34

Which of these scents walk Harry not catch from Amortentia potion?

The Amortentia medicine is a mysterious medicine that has actually a lot of different smells walk on. Many thanks to the fifty percent Blood Prince’s textbook though, Harry seems to hit this one appropriate out the the park to every the various other students but mainly Hermione’s dismay. It seems that Harry has really surpassed everyone in his class due to the fact that of his little secret and the Amortentia medicine he make really confirmed that. Which scent didn’t Harry odor from the Amortentia potion he to be creating?

concern 35

Who to be not existing at hogwarts the night Dumbledore died?

Dumbledore dying might have easily been one of the saddest moment in the harry Potter series. Dumbledore was a an excellent wizard that wanted nothing an ext than to defend the students and also keep evil at bay. Well, it appeared that evil, namely the death Eaters, had actually a different setup up your sleeves as they went right for the jugular on this one. Harry remained in disbelief around the whole situation, yet out of all of the fatality Eaters, that wasn’t there that night?