Harry Potter and also the room of Secrets

Developer: Griptonite GamesPublisher: digital ArtsPlatform: video game Boy ColorReleased in US: November 15, 2002Released in EU: November 15, 2002

This video game has concealed development-related text.

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This video game has unused enemies.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused items.
This video game has unused music.
This video game has unused text.
This video game has debugging material.
This video game has a concealed sound test.
This game has a surprise level select.

This video game has a notes web page This game has a data page

This game doesn"t just live approximately its name, it is the name.

See also Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone.


5 Unused Graphics6 Unused Messages6.1 Miscellanous6.2 Sidequest connected Messages6.5 Diagon Alley6.9 Herbology7 Leftover message from bother Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone8 Unused Music9 Easter Eggs






Set $FFD0 to among the complying with values at runtime (e.g. Using VBA"s storage viewer), or enter GameShark code 01xxD0FF, whereby xx is one of the listed below values. Note that the code should be disabled as soon as inside any of the menus in order because that them to duty properly:

54 - CHEAT menu (pressing B right here leads come the start menu) - functions as a gateway to:55 - Map Cheat.56 - search Cheat.57 - Sound Cheat.58 - Spells Cheat.59 - Money Cheat (Gives 50,000 Sickles).5A - Portrait/Text Cheat.5B - Bruti Cheat.5C - Card/Combo Cheat (Gives all combos and also two of every card).5D - item Cheat (Gives 99 of all inventory items).5E - Minigames Cheat.5F - Robe Cheat (doesn"t really job-related from the location screen).60 - Party Cheat (Harry only / Harry+Ron+Hermi).61 - suffer Cheat.39 - Unused "Ron provides you a new card combo!" screen.3A - medicine checklist screen.

NOTE 1: The Spells, Money, Bruti, card Combo, Item, Minigames and Experience Cheat menus have actually NO MENU. Their results are prompt upon selection.

NOTE 2: The Portrait/Text cheat appears to be eliminated from the game. In the English US/UK version, it"s misspelled as Potrait/Text. The French localization has actually it labeled together No need to interpret as per and the netherlands localization has actually it labeling as not USED. All various other languages have actually the properly analyzed name.

Unused Items


Four unused hats. The Tom"O-Shanter and also Chapeau can be supplied by all characters, but the Head Band have the right to only it is in worn through Ron and also the Witch"s cap is for Hermione.


Three unused garments. The Satin Gown is exclusive for Hermione and is just as strong as the Quidditch Jersey for Harry and also Ron.


Eight unused charms. The Knee Pads and Wrist Guards space exclusive for Ron, if the ankle Bracelet and Hair Bow room exclusive because that Hermione.


Five unused gloves. Mittens and also Opera Gloves room for Hermione, wool Gloves space for Ron.


Ten unused belts. The Toolbelt is just for Ron and also the Girdle is only for Hermione.


Six unused boots. The Saddle shoes and also Slippers have the right to only it is in worn through Hermione, if Harry can only stay Brogans and also Ron just Galoshes.


The Lockhart map was the early version of the Lockhart portrait. Sickles are never an item. Heal Sparkle is a graphic supplied for as soon as the healer in Diagon Alley or once Madam Pomfrey heals Harry. The is never used together an item. The Sickles and also Healing Sparkle item return indigenous Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone, v updated graphics.


Binns" publications is an early version that Hogwarts: A History. Kwikspell Letter is very early version the Kwikspell Book.


Fawkes, Diary in a Sock and Gryffindor"s knife are never ever inventory items. Moste Potente Potions is obtained in-game, yet Hermione immediately takes it. The symbol is never seen and it is never ever in the inventory.


Heavy Iron chains is very early version that Ghoul Chains. Baseball card is very early version of soccer Card.


Floo flour is used in a cutscene, therefore it never ever remains in the inventory. Bludger, Poppers and also Ghost Head are never used in the game. Lock were more than likely meant for various side quests related to Quidditch, Christmas and Nick"s Deathday Party respectively. Poppers show up in take care of Potter and the Sorcerer"s rock as "Holiday Popper".


According to the books, Harry and also Ron are awarded with the "Special Award for Services" for defeating Tom Riddle in the room of Secrets. This item never showed up in the game. The day-to-day Prophet is referenced when Draco talks about Arthur Weasley"s fine. The symbol is never seen, and it is never ever an inventory item. Take care of receives his valentine from Ginny verbally, for this reason a physical valentine item was not needed. Sorcerer’s cards were items in bother Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone. In this game, they instantly go right into the Folio Magi as soon as you acquisition them.


Unsure that why the Sorting Hat and Scabbers space items. Probably an ext cut sidequest items. Nimbus 2000 and also Snake Fang space items left end from take care of Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone. The Nimbus 2000"s icon is updated native the original in take care of Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone.


The portrait checklist go unused. It to be going to be offered for a plan sidequest that acquired cut. The Wizard map Checklist is another that to be unused. This perform is intact, and also can be seen in the following section.

Unused Enemies


To do:Get screenshot of castle in a miracle encounter, and also their Bruti entries

There are three unused (and infamous!) monsters in the game"s data: The Doxy Queen, Emerald Firecrab, and Dark Goblin.They each have an entry in the Folio Bruti, however due come a programming oversight, they were excluded from any encounter table, i m sorry unfortunately renders the game impossible to complete 100% without cheat devices.

The following GameShark codes will change any three enemies in a magical encounter into the three unused enemies:

Encounter Emerald Firecrab (Top):


Encounter Doxy Queen (Center):


Encounter Dark Goblin (Bottom):


To make these work, permit a code during a wonder encounter, choose "Folio Bruti", then walk back. Over there must currently be one enemy existing in a slot for it come work. They already work when you enable them, however you have to go come the "Folio Bruti" and then departure to readjust their appearance. Execute not usage these external of a magical encounter!

Alternatively, you can use the Bruti Cheat from the Cheat food selection to unlock all monsters, consisting of the unused three.

Unused Graphics

Wizard map Checklist


A perform of magician Cards come collect. Unused from a reduced sidequest.

Quest finish Portraits


Six unused portraits for the Quest complete screen. The final game offers a portrait of harry in normal clothes for the an initial quest and Harry in robes standing typically for the rest.

Map display Icons


The map food selection screen consists of the entire left side of this image, consisting of the very first row the floor markers. These markers are cut off top top the ideal side. The 2nd row is an alternating take, wherein the best side the each symbol is completed. The third row consisting of yellow icons says a noting system, supplied to display what floor the player is on. The footer message underneath makes the markers redundant. The last two rows are supplied in the French localization.

"Throw the Gnome" Meter Icon


This little "m" symbol goes unused. This is exactly how it would appear in-game. In the last version, the only icon next to the peak score is a small Harry or Ron head, depending on who"s right now in very first place.

Unused Messages

NOTE: as soon as a message references
1 is a change amount save in a different location.


MinigamesA set of staff high scores for a minigame. In the last game, no preset high scores exist. These high scores act together placeholders for whereby high scores show up on-screen. Lock seem to be collection by programmer Steve Vallée, command programmer Michael Dorgan and executive producer Steve Ettinger.

High Scores







Placeholder text for locked minigames. In the last game, it simply says "Locked".

Unknown video game ...

FoliosIt is difficult to have the Folio Magi there is no cards. This message is never ever seen.

You have actually no cards come display.

There is no note to use a card attack combo in the last game.

Execute this card attack.

Magical EncountersHarry always has his wand with three spells preloaded when the game starts.

You haven"t learned any type of spells yet!

Spells the cannot be actors are shaded out and also cannot it is in selected. Therefore, this blog post is unseen.

You don"t have enough Spell points to cast this spell!

Since Lockhart can"t perform any kind of spells if in the party, it"s difficult for him to shed MP. This pipeline the adhering to line unseen in-game.

Lockhart recovers
1 Magic Points.

ShopsPlaceholder message for a merchant in the game. The is unclear specifically which merchant this to be for. It can have been offered for many.

GO AWAY!! ns don"t have actually anything come sell, and also nobody has written any dialog for me.

Full dialog because that a Flourish and also Blotts shop screen.

Flourish and Blotts

Welcome come Flourish and Blotts.

We"re constantly looking for good used merchandise

What would you like?

A rousing choice. Anything else?

A pity. Something else?

Those books sell for
1 Sc.

Do we have actually a deal?

You don"t have that plenty of Sickles.

Full dialog for a Knockturn Alley Shop. It to be cut prior to even gift named.

A Knockturn Alley Shop


Something come sell? Let"s have a look.

Come, watch my wonderful curiosities.

A curious choice. Something else?

That"s a shame. Something else?

That"ll cost you
1 Sc.

Are friend satisfied v your choice?

I think that"s more than you have, isn"t it? noþeles else?

HogwartsAn unused line from the statues in the Portrait Room.

The bad thing about being a statue is once you choose a hairstyle, you"re stuck with it.

Sidequest associated Messages

Quest Titles

A set of quest titles from early in development. File Chase walk not recognize with something in the last game or any type of unused items. The magical Menagerie is the surname of the shop wherein 5 violet toads have actually escaped. Perhaps this save was intended to pat a role in the profession Sequence. Banging Ghoul, Kwikspell and Autographed Lockhart Card are all beforehand versions the quests offered in the last game. Portrait Scavenger Hunt to be an unused quest where Harry was intended to speak to portraits throughout the school.

Paper Chase

The magical Menagerie

Banging Ghoul


Autographed Lockhart Card

Portrait Scavenger Hunt

QuikspellFilch has actually some unused dialogue. This lines are a little bit nice, considering it"s Filch.

Why room you still lurking about?

If ns tell the Headmaster that you"ve been in here, he"ll have actually you expelled!

I"ve currently given girlfriend my ideal gloves. Now leave me in peace!

The Burrow

A message from Percy concerning his "Preferred Preface for Perfect Prefects" book.

Well, I mean that"s every the reading I"m walking to perform tonight. "Night, Harry.

A little conversation probably reduced due to "violence".

Molly Weasley

Arthur! How numerous times have actually I said you, no enchanted power devices in the bedroom!

Arthur Weasley

Sorry, dear. And also sorry to you, too, Harry. Expect it didn"t take it too huge a chunk the end of you.

Molly Weasley

Run follow me to bed, Harry, while someone cleans up this mess.

Early version of secondary Weasley message in each bedroom.

Percy Weasley

beforehand Final
A prefect requirements his sleep for this reason he might remain alert. An excellent night. You really should acquire some sleep, Harry.

Ginny Weasley

beforehand Final
I"m for this reason excited, however I still have actually to try to sleep. An excellent night. I"ll view you in the morning, Harry. Great night.

Arthur Weasley

at an early stage Final
Off to the land of slumber. Good night! It"s acquiring late, Harry, turn off to bed v you now. Ron"s room is simply upstairs.

Molly Weasley

early on Final
Good night, dear. No an ext of this nonsense, Harry. Go upstairs come bed immediately!

Fred Weasley

beforehand Final
Good night, George. Great night, Harry. I can"t believe that you"re not sleepy, Harry. I understand I am.

George Weasley

at an early stage Final
Good night, Fred. Good night, Harry. I can"t believe that you"re not sleepy, Harry. I recognize I am.

Ron Weasley

at an early stage Final
I"m off to bed, Harry. Watch you in the morning. Well it"s certainly been a lengthy day, Harry. I"ll check out you in the morning, great night.

Gringotts Bank

Some currently intended for Griphook in the Gringotts dungeons.

Make haste, Mr. Potter. Ns do have other customers waiting for mine assistance.

Do hurry. The vault guardians will be wanting having lunch soon.

Griphook was originally going to wait for you to go back to the entrance of the dungeons.

About time! rise aboard and we"ll return to the lobby.

Diagon Alley

Around Diagon Alley

A ton of various lines for wandering NPCs.

Check the end the brand-new shops, Harry!

Plenty of brand-new things to see and also do in Diagon Alley, Harry!

I think you"ll prefer all the transforms in Diagon Alley, Harry!

Something distinct is happening at Flourish and Blotts!

There"s a large crowd in ~ Flourish and also Blotts!

I to be going to browse for books, yet Flourish and Blotts is also crowded.

Why is anyone going come Flourish and also Blotts?

Someone is signing books at Flourish and Blotts.

Reading provides me a headache, however I"m still going come Flourish and Blotts book shop!

There"s supposed to it is in someone very famous at Flourish and Blotts.

Quality Quidditch Supplies

Two lines reduced from when Harry gets the Football card from Ron. The very first line reveals that the person who runs the card collectors society is called Derek.

A football card! This is what Derek was talking about... Ns wonder if he would profession this for a well known Witches and Wizards Card.

I wonder if the map collector"s society would know anything around this.

Outside Flourish and also Blotts

Some unused lines from hike NPCs.

I heard the Gilderoy Lockhart is signing books here today. What an exciting opportunity, why don"t friend go obtain his autograph?

What a brilliant author. He is marvellous!

Do girlfriend think he would certainly autograph a photograph for me?

Now what is that mam of mine walking on about? Something about that chap Lockhart providing a publication signing today? Oh, scoff.

Flourish and BlottsGinny is in more of a sirloin in the last version. at an early stage Final
Hi Harry. Ns think everybody else has currently bought their college books, so let Dad understand when you"re prepared to leaving for the station. We"d much better get come the station appropriate now! ns don"t desire to be late on my very first day!
A heat intended because that either Arthur or Molly Weasley.

There space a couple of books that I"d favor to find before we take it you to the station, Harry. Why don"t you have a look approximately the shop for a while?

King"s cross Station

Various hogwarts students were supposed to be scattered throughout the station. Instead, over there are just a few muggle NPCs. This might explain why the station feels a little bit bare.

Hurry, Harry! The hogwart Express always leaves ~ above time!

The hogwarts Express doesn"t wait for anyone... Not also you, Harry!

Hurry, hurry, gain to the train!

No time to lose, Harry. You have to be on the train!

The train will be out the station if you don"t hurry, Harry!

No time because that chit-chat, Harry! obtain to the train station!

Don"t garbage time here! obtain to communication 9 3/4!

You don"t want to miss the train, do you?

The paris Anglia

There"s a bunch of text leading up to the crash that the car. It might have been offered in a cutscene the was later on replaced v the paris Anglia minigame.

Alternately, this text can have been offered during the minigame. This tactic is watched in the an initial Quidditch match, where Harry screams "Arrggghhh...." prior to falling off his broom. Once text shows up in a minigame, the pauses the minigame until the text disappears. Considering how many lines room here, it could have to be cut due to the fact that it disrupts the gameplay.

It can"t be far now.

I think I have the right to see hogwarts over there!

I don"t know much about cars the fly, but that didn"t sound good.

It"s probably just tired. It"s never been this far.

And it"s no going any further!


Look the end for that tree!

Finding Gryffindor House

Some comment from students relating to the crash.

Trade in her brooms for a car? You might as well. You"ll check out why.

Why didn"t you use your brooms instead?

Various comments from students.

Looking forward to your exploits on the Quidditch key again, Harry!

Gryffindor is quiet on the height floor, isn"t it?

The Sorting hat smudged my glasses.

Everyone appears lost. Ns fit ideal in.

Some message intended because that Filch after the car crash.

Stop dawdling and get to her dormitory!

Tire monitor in the lawn... Irate foliage... They should make you clean up her mess, not me!


Going to Class

Various comment from students.

I think Herbology is an excellent because I have a eco-friendly thumb.

Do we need safety goggles because that Herbology class?

In ClassProfessor Sprout telling Harry to move along. The final version speak the player where to walk next. beforehand Final
Please it is in on your way, Harry. I must prepare because that the following class. Thanks again because that your aid with the Mandrakes, Harry. You"d much better be off to Defence against Dark Arts course now, don"t it is in late.
A heat intended for Harry best after the final message above.

I can"t blame them because that escaping, but I expect they don"t execute it again.

Quidditch exercise #1

Various comment from students.

Quidditch gives me an appetite. I intend playing that does, too.

Quidditch is so amazing it makes my glasses fog up.

The Quidditch boys look therefore handsome in their uniforms.

The Gryffindor Quidditch team must make the a clean sweep this year.

Curing Ron"s Curse

Hagrid to be initially claimed to offer Harry the Folio Bruti and Informous Spell. This is a tiny late in the video game to receive them, for this reason they were offered at a much previously point.


Best bring those ingredients, Harry, Ron"s feather mos" unhappy


Yuck, just how am ns going to obtain the cheese taste the end of my mouth?


See you soon, Harry. Hope no "uns throwin" increase garden pests following time.


One much more thing, Harry... In my garden, yeh might run in ter some strange creatures. Yeh can find out stuff about "em, if yeh use the Informous spell. An" here"s a special book to assist yeh remember the ingredient what the spell find out.


Thank you! i can"t wait to usage it!

A line of dialogue adjusted with the removed of the Bruti texts. early Final
Harry, take it the perform I gave yeh, and also gather every the ingredients. They"re in mine garden, just external the hut. Yeh can uncover all the ingredients in mine garden, just external my hut.

Going come Detention

The pursuit says "Return come Gryffindor common Room". It"s feasible that a keep in mind was supposed to it is in there wait for Harry and also Ron. This would have actually been cut since of that is redundancy.

What"s this?

It"s native Professor McGonagall. It claims to report instantly for detention with...Professor Lockhart! Oh, no.

Students gift envious the Harry"s detention.

I heard you have actually detention with Professor Lockhart.

I"d rather have actually detention v Lockhart than play Quidditch!

You have detention through Lockhart? Lucky!

You have actually detention through Professor Lockhart? I should think that a means to misbehave.

Quidditch exercise #2

Yet another line the sounds prefer it might have been used throughout the minigame.

Up and at "em, Potter, up and at "em!

Nick"s Deathday Party

Small conversation between Ron and Harry around food.


That"s whereby I draw the line.


I wonder exactly how headless civilization eat? Swallowing would certainly seem out of the question.

Could"ve been provided for a ghost.

Too poor the Slytherins aren"t together quiet as their residence ghost.

Sir Patrick has a post-bowling chat v Harry, Ron and also Hermione.

Good bowling! best use my head has been placed to in ages!

All that bowling makes me hungry!

I would have played, yet it"s so hard to uncover grey bowling shoes.

The team deciding come leave.

Ready to leaving yet?


This party is dead. Literally.

The final conversation with Nick had actually a few lines cut.Here"s the full set of dialogue from the last game. The lines that were removed have actually been bolded.

Leaving for this reason soon?

Yes...have to acquire up early, friend know.

Goodbye, then. I"ll permit you recognize if sir Patrick transforms his mind around the Headless Hunt.

Lots of examining to do.

My owl needs fluffing.

Ah, yes, the duties the the scholar. I hope you had actually a good time. Desire to take part tasty morsels v you because that a so late night snack?

No! i mean, no give thanks to you, couldn"t eat one more be.

Probably couldn"t have actually swallowed the very first one.

Investigating the creating on the Wall

Messages removed from the last game. The first one is intended for Neville Longbottom.

I hope my toad Trevor doesn"t obtain Petrified, too.

I"m afraid to walk around by myself anymore

I walk around without mine glasses therefore if I view something horrible, it"ll be blurry.

Befriending Moaning Myrtle

This line is a reply for once Harry gives Myrtle the Lily. That was changed so that she teaches take care of the Mucas ad Naseum spell. beforehand Final
I suppose...thank you. It"s a lily... My favourite. The was very nice that you, Harry. Here, I"ll teach you mine favourite spell.
Some unused lines, more than likely intended because that Ron and Hermione respectively.

Even the old exit girls" bathrooms are nicer than the boys" bathrooms.

There"s someone in right here you have to meet, Harry.

Quidditch match #1

A revised variation of this line. It reminds the player to walk to the Quidditch match. at an early stage Final
Hmm, Hermione and also Ron must have actually locked the door behind them come keep world out if they study the medicine book. Ron and also Hermione should be in there studying the book. I"d far better get to the Quidditch game!
A heat to be used during the minigame once Harry captures the gold Snitch. Was likely cut because it interrupted gameplay.

Got it!

Potions Class

Some lines indigenous students top top the means to Potions Class.

I bet Snape"s class is in the dungeon since he enjoys the cold and also dank.

I would like Potions class a lot more if that wasn"t taught by Professor Snape.

The Duelling Club

A single unused line from a student.

I should really have my duelling glasses on prior to I wizard Duel.

Duel v Crabbe & Goyle

Another line from a student about glasses.

Crabbe and Goyle are in the entrance Hall. I"m remaining up right here so lock won"t rest my glasses again.

A little before the Crabbe & Goyle text, there space two instances the this string. They room placeholders for text pertained to a find quest. At this point, it"s Christmas time in-game. Therefore, it"s very likely that Harry and also Ron were intended to look for the "Poppers" item before meeting with Crabbe & Goyle.

search dialogs

A heat intended because that Harry. This is right prior to they speak to Crabbe & Goyle.

There castle are. We"d much better go approximately them together.

Some lines from when Harry and Ron hide Crabbe & Goyle"s bodies.

I"ll acquire the hair.

I"d really prefer to to wash this before we drink it.

This line to be intended to begin the conversation v Hermione.

Here room the bits of Crabbe and also Goyle.

Meeting Draco in Slytherin usual Room

Some lines indigenous students about the school, as Harry and Ron appear to be Crabbe & Goyle. The last line is yet one more reference come glasses.

I"ll have actually those sickles you want tomorrow, ns swear!

Could you beat me in the eight this time instead of the nose?

Leave me alone!

Please don"t break my glasses, I need to study.

Meeting Hermione after the Transformation

A line regarding how the team has made no progression for today. This heat becomes irrelevant when they find Tom Riddle"s diary.

...So we have the right to start anywhere tomorrow!

Valentine"s Day

A heat from a student.

That to be a an extremely sweet poem, Harry. Ns hope someone sends me a card-carrying Cupid!

Visions that the Past

When Tom Riddle is showing Harry some points in the past, 2 lines would have actually been provided for a transition between scenes.

Follow me, Harry.

All right, I"m coming.

The Forbidden Forest

A couple of lines native Harry and also Ron.

I can"t acquire free...where are they acquisition us?

I"ve acquired a negative feeling around this forest. Let"s it is in careful...


There is an early version that the last conversation. Most of it was simply reworded in the final game. In the last version that the game, Lockhart leaves lot earlier. Also, in the early on version Dumbledore is left with Harry and Ron. In the final, it"s simply Harry. This explains why Dumbledore claims "You"ll be given Special Awards for organization to Hogwarts", rather of "You"ll be offered a distinct Award for company to Hogwarts".

at an early stage Final
Professor Dumbledore!Mum and dad!Ginny!Any idea who I am?Thank quality you"re safe! but what happened?It started as soon as Ginny wrote in this diary. The belonged come Tom Riddle, who came to be Voldemort. He took regulate of her.I created to him every year, and he created back!I"ve called you never to to trust anything that can think when you can"t check out where it keeps that brain.Ginny should be watched in the hospital wing. She won"t it is in punished, she was being controlled.Thank you, headmaster!Professor Lockhart should go, too. He"s lost his memory.Have I? I"d rather forgotten.Would you please escort Professor Lockhart to the hospital wing, Minerva?Certainly. I"ll leave you to resolve Weasley and also Potter. Mum and Dad!


Thank quality you"re safe! yet what happened?It started when Ginny wrote in this diary. The belonged come Tom Riddle, who came to be Voldemort. That took manage of her.I composed to him every year, and also he composed back!Ginny! I"ve said you never ever to to trust anything that have the right to think as soon as you can"t watch where it keeps that brain!Professor Dumbledore!Ginny have to be checked out in the hospital wing. She won"t it is in punished, she to be being controlled.Thank you, Headmaster!The remainder of you had far better go with her. Harry, you continue to be behind, I desire to have a word with you.

Leftover message from harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone


A line that reflects up after ~ you usage the Curse book to remove Peeves" curse.

Your curse is gone!

This message shows up when you eat a cacao frog. Chocolate frogs are changed with sorcerer’s Cards in room of Secrets.

It tastes great and there"s a card in that too!

Replaced with "______ learned a new spell level!"

You discover a brand-new spell!

Card combine have practically no dialog in chamber of Secrets.

You haven"t built up all the well known Witches and Wizards Cards needed for this combination.

You require to choose "Card" throughout a magical encounter to collection up a map combination.

You haven"t collected all the famed Witches and also Wizards Cards necessary for this map combination. And you require to choose "Card" throughout a magical encounter to collection up a card combination.

Potion recipes are supplied with the Ingredient Encyclopedia.

Potion Recipe

More leftovers.

Saving Game...

Euugghh! That"s disgusting.


These room instructional dialogs that space exclusive come Sorcerer"s Stone.

You have acquired an equipable item. Come equip one item, press START to bring up the key Menu and also then choose Status / Equip. In order come Equip the item, to mark the ar on Harry"s snapshot where it should go and press the A Button. This screen additionally provides you v information about your statistics, Level, Experience and also Sickles.

To usage an item, press START to bring up the main Menu, then select Item to watch what items friend have. Highlight the items you wish to use and press the A Button.

All Potions room made in Cauldrons. If girlfriend select and also use her Cauldron, friend will get a screen showing all ingredients friend have. Pick the ingredient you want and then push START to mix them.

You have the Ingredient Encyclopedia. Currently you deserve to collect potion ingredients and store medicine recipes. Press START, then select the Ingredient Encyclopedia native the key Menu to view your ingredients and view her recipe book.

To check out your Folio Magi and also Folio Triplicus, press START to carry up the main Menu and then choose Folio Magi or Folio Triplicus.

Welcome to charm class. Copy my motions to levitate a collection of objects. If you obtain the object to the appropriate height, you can move top top a heavier object. If you do too countless mistakes, you"ll need to start over.

Select the right mix of cauldron and also ingredients to fix the potion Challenge. Press Up or under to make her choice. Press Right to move to the following choice, or push Left to go earlier and readjust your mind. Once you are happy with your choices, push the A button to confirm them. Black color marks next to your options indicate exactly responses - the more, the better! If you acquire the ideal cauldron and the best ingredients, you victory the challenge! You have 12 opportunities to discover the appropriate combination.

Try to complement the bag of cards. Very first move the cursor and press the A button to rotate over a card. Rotate over a 2nd card through repeating this process. If you do a match, those 2 cards room removed. Match and remove all the pairs of cards come win.

If you ever get lost, press pick to carry up a message around your present location.

See more: Accumulation Of Electric Charges On An Object, How Does Static Electricity Work

Press the A button to search for covert items nearby in front of you. If things is present, a post will show up to tell girlfriend what you have actually found.

Card mix Messages

In the very first game, there would be one line of dialogue per card Combo. Now, Derek simply says "Here"s your new card combination, Harry."