guitar Hero has released some pretty daunting songs over the years. Here"s a look at few of the hardest.

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GH 3 Cover arts (left) and also a screenshot that GH 5 (right)
A select few games out there have had an impact quite prefer the one that guitar Hero had throughout its prime. Chances are that if someone was a gamer and has a console in the 2000s, then they had to have actually played the struggle music video game from to work at some point. V so countless songs comprising the soundtracks in the franchise, some are inevitably harder than others.

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this songs to be so difficult that that pained numerous a player's fingers to the suggest that castle might too have to be bleeding. If players were able come clear these 10 songs, allow alone 100 percent them on expert, could call themselves true etc heroes.

Cult the personality gift played by personality Pandora in guitar Hero 3
The encore tune of the seventh set of song in the game's job mode, Cult that Personality is a taste of things to come in the next set of songs.

it is rapid with couple of songs in between, its an obstacle will catch most by surprise resulting in failing the song the very first time around. Like other songs top top the list, use that star strength wisely and also when needed most in stimulate to clear it.

Eruption being played by Eddie van Halen in GH van Halen
One of many games in the series to come the end in 2009, most most likely skipped this game because of a severe case of franchise fatigue. Those the did though were spared the agony of do the efforts to clear this fast-paced song.

native the beginning, this song does no let up v notes popping up faster than one can say "oh no." It very sewing is much shorter than rather on this list, making it all the more merciful and welcome after struggling to happen it.

Black Widow that La Porte gift played in GH warriors of Rock
right here is a tune that will certainly really check the endurance that the player. Those that have cleared this song from the last game in the collection to use the standard controller will understand the name of man 5.

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Filled v notes the lie ~ above opposite sides of the controller, prefer going from eco-friendly to blue in fast succession, it important does hit the player favor a black color widow spider bite. No reacting over time will lead to the player's doom.

One gift played by character Pandora in GH 3
though this song also appears in guitar Hero: Metallica, the variation in 3 is the hardest that the two. The many deceptive on this list, the track starts the end pretty slow and easy contrasted to others, do the player let their guard down.

but then the solo kicks in and all of a suddenly the player needs to start strumming quicker than they assumed possible. The baits the player in through a false feeling of security and then the following thing lock know have to keep switching your hand indigenous the buttons to the strummer like their life relies on it. Players will need more than one 2nd of a break after the end of this one.

one optional bonus tune made simply for the game, it to be the hardest track in the series up to this point. Football player will have to offer it your all simply like any type of of the other songs in the game.

that is basically prefer the surprise boss that is really difficult of the collection and with an excellent reason. The track starts out fairly quickly and only picks up as the song goes on, especially during the solo. Buttons begin flying down quickly requiring every one of the player's focus. Mastering the controller is the best method of clearing this song and also to feel like the Jordan of guitar Hero players.

The last song of a final boss that has different forms, that being the Demi-God the Rock. The toughest to be without a doubt conserved for last. The game's characters battle a monster together notes come at the players much faster than the two previous songs, additionally by Megadeth.

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The tune is fast from the get-go forcing players to move easily with their finger activities or else suffer a mega-death of rock music. The solo is the toughest part that will many likely obtain everyone. Players will need to remain calm and also stick to what castle know.

The hardest song out that the eighth set of songs in the game, the track starts out v a calm before the storm of rain blood come in. Climate the fast-paced tune that band Slayer was ideal known for kicks in v the chorus.

This is just the beginning though as the song only gets faster from here on out. Rather of sufficient raining blood to tempt vampires, it is instead raining buttons as it calls for quick and swift finger activities to obtain the timing just right in order to prevent a miss. Even absent just a few buttons is the difference in between success and failure.

The first appearance the Dragon force on this list, it likewise will not be the last as well. A bonus track in the game, that is pedal come the absolute metal as quickly as this track starts. Prefer the player is being thrown right into the fury of a storm.

the is 5 minutes of nonstop concentration to hit as many notes as one can muster there is no failing. Usage of star strength is a have to to remain in the game and failure is just a finger slip far in this storm of switch prompts.

A sheathe of the standard country song, the track is actually the template of last boss Lou Devil yet could be play by itself with DLC. Lot like the quick pace of the original, the game's version is simply as rapid with even more sections thrown in.

The endurance that the player is tested in both the boss and also standalone song that it can rival even the best boss fights native Nintendo. Players have to move your fingers back and soon constantly in a look at never-ending barrage of notes that just the ideal can important master.

Not just the hardest song in any Guitar Hero 3, that is likewise one the the hardest level in any kind of game, period. The player is thrown into the fire (pun intended) straight from the get-go with having actually to relocate their strum hand up to where the buttons are.

It will test the endurance of any kind of Guitar Hero player as it is roughly seven minute of this non-saw with few moments of pause in the song. Only those that arise from the flames that this song prefer a phoenix can call themselves a true etc Hero if they achieve the daunting task of clearing this tune on professional with 100 percent completion.

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