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Guitar Hero II is the second in a collection of rhythm-based video clip games where you useaguitar-shaped controllerto play rock songs by pressing buttons in time with the music. It was developed by Harmonix and published by work on the playstation 2 in 2006. One Xbox 360 port followed in 2007.In career mode, produce a bandand select a guitarist native a perform of eight easily accessible characters. Quickplay mode offers a faster means to pat a song byselecting the character, venue, guitar, and also guitar skin based upon the chosen song.

Want some aid becoming a absent star? Here"s a perform of cheat codes the unlock songs, enable hyperspeed, and more.


etc Hero II Xbox 360 cheat

Enter cheat while on the key Menu, wherein you willsee choices for Career and also Quickplay modes. You can have many cheats allowed at the very same time. Go into a password a 2nd time to disable the code.

Cheat CodeEffect
Blue, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Orange, Blue, BlueEnables performance mode
Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, YellowEnables hyperspeed
Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Orange, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, YellowUnlocks all songs
Orange, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue, BlueGives group monkey heads
Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, YellowGives crowd flaming heads
Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, BlueEnables wait guitar
Yellow, Orange, Blue, Blue, Blue, Orange, YellowGives crowd eyeball heads

Guitar UnlockableRequirement
Air GuitarUse the cheat code provided above.
Axe GuitarBeat experienced Mode.
Casket GuitarBeat tool Mode.
Eyeball GuitarEarn 5 stars in every track on difficult Mode.
Fish GuitarBeat straightforward Mode.
Snaketapus GuitarBeat hard Mode.
The log GuitarEarn 5 stars in every track on expert Mode.
USA GuitarEarn 5 stars in every tune on straightforward Mode.
Viking GuitarEarn 5 stars in every song on medium Mode.

Bonus guitar Hero II Songs

These Guitar Hero II songs are only accessible on the Xbox 360, including two song you should unlock by to buy the songs through in-game currency.

"Billion dissension Babies" by Alice Cooper"Dead!" through My chemical Romance"Hush" through Deep Purple"Life Wasted" through Pearl Jam"Possum Kingdom" by Toadies"Rock "n" roll Hoochie Koo" by stack Derringer"Salvation" through Rancid"The Trooper" by stole Maiden"Drink Up" by ounce of me (unlockable song)"Kicked come the Curb" by Noble Rot (unlockable song)

guitar Hero II Xbox 360 accomplishments

The following accomplishments can it is in unlocked in Guitar Hero II top top the Xbox 360:

100K ClubGet 100,000 clues in a song.10
200K ClubGet 200,000 clues in a song.10
300K ClubGet 300,000 point out in a song.30
400K ClubGet 400,000 points in a song.30
Champagne Room V.I.P.Get 500,000 points in a song.30
RoadieUnlock Rat Cellar.10
New KidUnlock Blackout Bar.10
Young GunUnlock RedOctane Club.10
Axe GrinderUnlock absent City Theater.10
ShredderUnlock Vans Warped Tour.10
Rock StarUnlock Harmonix Arena.10
Guitar HeroUnlock Stonehenge.10
Dimebag Darrell AwardGet a 100 keep in mind streak.10
Eddie van Halen AwardGet a 500 keep in mind streak.30
Yngwie Malmsteen AwardGet a 1,000 note streak.30
Easy tour ChampBeat the simple tour.10
Medium tourism ChampBeat the medium tour.30
Hard tourism ChampBeat the hard tour.30
Expert tourism ChampBeat the skilled tour.30
Sandbox Hero AwardEarn 5 stars on every songs in the easy tour.30
Most most likely to succeed AwardEarn 5 stars on all songs in the medium tour.30
Guitarmaggedon AwardEarn five stars on all songs in the tough tour.30
Start a genuine Band currently AwardEarn 5 stars on all songs in the professional tour.30
Rock institution GradComplete every tutorials.10
Scoremonger AwardGet one 8x multiplier.10
Perfectionist AwardGet 100% note hit on a song.30
Rock Snob AwardRefuse come play one encore.10
Long road Ahead AwardFail a tune on Easy.10
Hendrix AwardBeat a song with lefty upper and lower reversal on.10
Teacher"s pets AwardPractice three different songs.10
Saturday Morning AwardBeat Trogdor and also Thunder Horse.10
Kick the Bucket AwardBeat Jordan ~ above Expert.30
Gear Head AwardBuy every guitars.30
Fanatical Completionist AwardBuy all etc finishes.30
Record Collector AwardBuy every songs.10
Life that the Party AwardBuy every characters.10
Fashion bowl AwardBuy all outfits.10
Extra credit transaction AwardView the credits.10
Big Spender AwardSpend $10,000 in ~ the store.10
Scenester AwardBeat every the unlock songs.10
Joan & Lita AwardGet a 100 keep in mind streak in Cooperative.30
Joe & Steven AwardGet a 500 note streak in Cooperative.30
Keef & Mick AwardGet a 1,000 keep in mind streak in Cooperative.30
Lennon & McCartney AwardGet an 8x streak in Cooperative.10
Page & plant AwardGet 100% notes hit top top a track in Cooperative.30
200K PairGet 200,000 clues on a track in Cooperative.30
400K PairGet 400,000 point out on a track in Cooperative.30
600K PairGet 600,000 clues on a track in Cooperative.30
800K PairGet 800,000 point out on a song in Cooperative.

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Millionaire PairGet 1,000,000 clues on a song in Cooperative.30