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"Goodnight, Girl, I"ll watch You Tomorrow" refers to a viral video clip of YouTuber twomad talk to a camera and falling. The footage obtained popularity in to edit on Instagram after gift featured by twomad in among his compilation videos.


On June 8th, 2019, YouTuber twomad post a video compilation title "My lifes biggest bruh moments" which began with a 16-second clip that him record a video message for an unknown woman, abruptly finishing with twomad fall (shown below).<1> The compilation acquired over 702,500 see in one month.

Oh hey. I"m just around to walk to bed. I understand we couldn"t skype tonight, yet that"s alright. Goodnight, girl, I"ll see you tomorrow.


On June 8th, 2019, YouTuber IGamer 11 post a cut version the the video, gaining over 82,100 see in one month.<2> ~ above June 24th, Redditor fireclaw1 connected the reupload come /r/youtubehaiku subreddit wherein it gained over 6,500 upvote in eight days.<3>

On June 22nd, 2019, Instagram user shutupjonah post the very first known modify of the video,<4> gaining over 4,600 views and 1,200 likes in two weeks (shown below).

In the complying with days, an ext edits the the meme to be posted ~ above Instagram, consisting of notable version by individuals thi.ccmemes,<5> fr1ck.mp4<6> and cut_mp4.<7> ~ above June 24th, twomad reuploaded an modify made through fr1ck.mp4 to his an individual Instagram account.<8>



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twomadgoodnight girli'll see you tomorrowsorry us couldn't skype tonightblack guyblack dudefallingfail
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