Your concern is not clear, however I think you room asking for the shorthand electron construction for the chlorine and phosphorous ions.

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In bespeak to create shorthand electron configurations you need to know just how to use the periodic table to compose electron configurations.
Groups 1 and 2 room the s-block elements, groups 3-12 space the d-block elements, groups 13-18 room the p-block elements. An orbital (any type) can hold approximately 2 electrons, so an s-orbital can hold approximately 2 electrons, 3 p-orbitals have the right to hold as much as 6 electron (total), and also five d-orbitals can hold up to 10 electron (total). Counting throughout the periods (rows) of the regular table will display the filling order the the orbitals. (1s# 2s# 2p# 3s# 3p# 4s# 3d# 4p#... Etc, where # is the variety of electrons in that sublevel.
A chlorine ion has 18 electron (17 e- in a chlorine atom + 1 e- to kind the chlorine anion having actually -1 charge). The shorthand electron configuration begins with the price of the noble gas having the closest reduced atomic number (the noble gas in the row over the aspect that you room writing the configuration for). The noble gas friend would usage to write the construction for the chlorine ion would certainly be neon (Ne) which has an atomic number of 10. This symbol, created inside square brackets , represents 10 inner core electrons. You monitor this through the continuing to be valence electrons, reflecting the orbitals in filling order (lowest power to greatest energy).
The phosphorous ion has 18 electrons (15 e- in ns atom + 3 e- to form anion P-3)just as the chlorine ion does, for this reason the electron configuration would certainly be the same.

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Each facet in teams 15, 16, and 17 benefit the variety of electrons essential to have actually a full valence favor the noble gases - due to the fact that it is most stable v a complete valence.
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