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"You" is a track co-written and also recorded by American nation music artist kris Young. It was released in September 2011 together the second single indigenous his 2011 album Neon. Young created the tune with Luke Laird. The tune is around a lover gift told that her charm is the only thing the affects the the most. The track received mixed reviews from doubters who were an essential of that lackluster hook and also content comparable to Blake Shelton"s "Honey Bee" and Jason Aldean"s "Big eco-friendly Tractor". "You" was Young"s fifth consecutive number-one struggle on the U. S. Billboard Hot nation Songs chart. It additionally became his third Top 40 struggle on the Billboard warm 100, peaking in ~ number 34. The track was certified Platinum after offering over a million digital duplicates in the united States. The accompanying music video for the song, command by kris Hicky, to be shot in black-and-white and also shows Young together a gas station attendant attracting the attention of three various women in miscellaneous colored clothing.more »

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The bluest skies don"t seem for this reason blueAnd the stars seem to it is in a tiny dimmer tooNow that you"re approximately you placed "em every to shameLet me rest it under "cause what ns am trying come say isNo on it s okay me favor you and also when friend kiss meGirl you rock me more tough than some downtown bandI assumed I knew what love was, yet I didn"t have actually a clueI never discovered anything that makes me feel favor I do about youGot a whole brand-new direction it seems these daysI supplied to rush off to work and get home lateBut now I show up late and also rush back homeMy priorities are different, ns can"t leave you aloneNo on it s okay me like you and also when you kiss meGirl you absent me harder than part downtown bandI thought I knew what love was, however I didn"t have actually a clueI never discovered anything that make me feel favor I do around youGirl if you ever get come guessing if i am thinking "bout youJust remember,No on it s okay me prefer you and also when friend kiss meGirl you absent me more difficult than some downtown bandI believed I knew what love was, but I didn"t have a clueI never found anything the make me feel prefer I do about youYou, oh you

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chris Young Christopher Alan "Chris" Young (born June 12, 1985) is one American nation music artist. In 2006, he was claimed the winner that the television routine Nashville Star, a to sing competition i beg your pardon aired ~ above the USA Network. ~ winning, he was signed come RCA records Nashville, releasing his self-titled debut album the year. It produced two singles top top Hot nation Songs: "Drinkin" Me Lonely" and "You"re Gonna Love Me". A 2nd album, The man I want to Be, was released September 1, 2009. It included the singles "Voices", "Gettin" You residence (The black color Dress Song)", and also "The male I want to Be", i m sorry all saw number 1.

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Young"s third album, Neon, developed two more number people in "Tomorrow" and also "You". More »