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‘Ghost Whisperer’: Melinda’s fatality on 2509

Source: Zap2it.com Recaps

The finale to be good, however it left us v no cliffhangers, and also a timeline that was unrealistic, if would be difficult for Melinda’s due day to be September 25, if Jim died on November 7, that’s practically an 11 month pregnancy! The baby should have been due in July….

This week on “Ghost Whisperer,” we have actually a creepy sort-of prophecy about Melinda’s due date and her baby, a tiny girl running about with no face, and also a wedding in the street.


Mystery that the WeekMelinda keeps having dreams that she gives birth come a bassinet full of hairless cats. Yikes. Climate Melinda look at a little girl through a melty, no-features challenge in she house. The little girl do the efforts to show her an old, animal leather book and keeps giggling. Funny how sometimes children’s laughter is therefore precious and sometimes it’s freak-me-the-eff-out scary. Later, Melinda runs into the faceless boy again, that puts she hand top top Melinda’s belly and says, “You can’t save her. Friend can’t.” Jim tries to reassure her that it’s not about the baby and also then spills the beans that they’re having a boy, so it can’t be around the baby. Awww.

The old book the tiny girl was holding turns out to be from the school’s Von Drake collection. That is steal by a local thief (who is actually being regulated by Carl the Watcher) and given come Zoe Ramos come protect, only Zoe is therefore surprised by the thief in her home that she falls down the stairs and also dies.

Zoe’s soul hangs around to get Eli to safeguard the book due to the fact that there is a man named Jeremy Bishop do the efforts to uncover it too. That won’t say who he’s working for however he is plainly a poor dude. The book is dubbed The book of Changes and when Eli finds the publication in Zoe’s closet, it opens to a web page that says: Jim Clancy 711, Sam Lucas 1411, Andrea Marino 2804, Eli James 310 and Zoe Ramos 2505. Creepy. (Also, I constantly thought Andrea’s last name was “Moreno,” yet whatever.)

Eli crashes Melinda’s wedding/baby shower head to call her around the book. As soon as she stop it, she flashes ago to Jim’s death and realizes the each surname is adhered to by the day the person died. Eli then reflects her another page in the book. This one claims “Melinda Gordon 2509,” i m sorry is she due date. Now that is creepy.

Once Eli has the book and agrees to protect it, he and also Zoe say your goodbyes and she crosses over. Melinda go down into the Tunnels of death to watch Carl the Watcher. That advises she to teach her child about the various other side, not shield him from it, due to the fact that her boy will be able to do much, much much more than she can. Very ominous cliffhanger in the supernatural component of the show.

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The WeddingGordon Brady, ambassador of love and also dreamweaver extraordinaire, reflects up to setup Melinda’s wedding, on orders indigenous Melinda’s mom. Yikes. It’s prefer Mother-of-the-Bride-zilla v a Rupert Giles accent. The ditches the DJ and also hires an orchestra, desires them every to arrive at the church through horse-drawn carriage and picks the end an ice cream sculpture because that the reception. In ~ the finish of the episode, Jim kidnaps Melinda (in a white dress and also everything!) and the two of lock (plus Delia and Eli) head come the street where Jim and Melinda first met. That pledges his eternal love to her and they gain married ideal there top top the spot, surrounded by white irradiate ghosts. Awww.