After last week’s cliff-hanger ending with Michelle wandering off in ~ Disney World, this week’s episode opens with she dancing in front of a calypso band favor some sort of creepy little goblin when a group of people watches. For this reason that’s whereby she went! none of the males in the tape seem come mind the she’s there, presumably due to the fact that they’re high the end of their minds. Ns don’t know why the audience is cool with it. She asks one of the tape members if they think she’s bossy and also he’s like, “no way,” climate he gets everyone in the audience to applaud her.

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After the performance, eye White philosophies Michelle and mentions the she knows the she ran off, however instead that grabbing her and also returning her to her family she just grants her 2nd “princess because that a day” great of having actually a tea party with all the Disney characters. Method to be a responsible adult, snow White!

Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey pave up your radio show, i m sorry is being tape-recorded inside that a strange underwater dome that has actually a Canadian flag on the for some reason.

Jesse says that he requirements to gain the fuck the end of there due to the fact that he promised Becky a romantic evening for your anniversary however then Joey refuses to leaving the dome since he watch a shark in the tank. Yet they to be swimming approximately in there because that a good portion that the critical episode… wherein was the shark then? Jesse tries come ditch Joey however Joey clings come him, refusing to let him leaving him alone in the dome. Isn’t there anyone about to aid them? Also, exactly how do they gain in and also out of the dome thing, anyway?

Meanwhile, Becky waits because that Jesse ~ above the dock choose a sucker while Chip and Dale mock her for having actually such a shitty husband. You understand what I’ve always wondered? Chip and Dale dancers space those erotic male dancers who store their bow ties on once they strip… for this reason why do they re-superstructure the very same namesake together these cartoon chipmunks? and also which one come first?

Jesse phone call for assist from the underwater dome while Joey just sits there, completely unapologetically ruining Jesse and also Becky’s anniversary. Jesse ultimately says fuck it and also forces Joey to leave the dome through him, which is just about the most uninventive method to settle this conflict imaginable. The following shot is of them swimming exterior of the dome, so i guess we’ll never know how they actually acquire in and also out that there. Joey proceeds to whine around being fear of the shark however then the case is reportedly resolved as soon as they reach the surface also though they’re both totally submerged in water, best by the shark.

Snow White brings Michelle to her tea party but then sad music plays as Michelle says that she wants her wish back because she’s sad the her family members isn’t there. After ~ the advertising break, Mickey mouse arrives in ~ the tea party with every one of the Tanners in tow. Danny in reality gets nice mad and also tells Michelle the she freaked everyone out and that they’re going to have a lengthy talk later. Michelle protests the nobody would carry out what she told castle to but then Vicky defines that an excellent princesses are fair and also kind and don’t simply act like entirely spoiled piece of shit every the time. Then they all have a tea party.

Jesse come at the dock too late to discover Becky but is redirected come the hotel through Chip and Dale, who have just consumed his pic-a-nic basket. Jesse spots Becky in the lobby that the hotel but she offers him the stink eye and walks away. Luckily there’s a big piano right next to him therefore he is able to woo her through a terrible song.

This is one of those moments that perfectly encapsulates what a fucked up partnership they have. How plenty of times have we watched Jesse totally neglect to carry out the one simple thing the she asks that to do and/or act favor a total asshole and also then completely get away through it through some breathy vocals and also goo goo eyes? He’s not even a halfway kind musician. I wonder if the sang she a song like this every time your bills were due or their kids needed food and also clothing during every one of those lengthy stretches that he to be unemployed. I likewise wonder if the isn’t utilizing some kind of hypnosis top top her, or perhaps his songs encompass subliminal mind-control messages, like the one Zack Morris offered to get Kelly to ask him to that dance. Or maybe Becky just completely hates herself. Anyway, she instantly forgives him and also then they make the end on a small boat.

While the family members all gather to watch an Aladdin-themed parade, some camel statues spit into the crowd and hit Danny appropriate in the face. Well, at least it wasn’t Joey doing it for once.

Next they every go check out a stage reenactment of The Raiders of the shed Ark. Prior to the show begins, Vicky it s okay a web page on her beeper native work and also excuses herself. As quickly as she’s gone all the girls ask Danny if he’s proposed yet, due to the fact that it’s not favor they would have actually mentioned it if he had, and Danny says that the keeps getting interrupted yet is pretty certain that he’s finally established the right way to ask her.

DJ hallucinates the Indiana Jones is Steve and then stands up and also shouts his name when she thinks the he gets operation over by that gigantic boulder. How humiliating! It’s poor enough to be so immersed in a shitty stage display that you shed all fixed on reality, but it’s a million time worse to execute it when projecting her stupid boyfriend onto the scenario.

After the show, Danny asks Michelle what she desires to perform next and also then Stephanie claims that she’s gonna go earlier to the hotel to chill out and also it’s pretty noticeable that it’s because she’s sick of Michelle’s stupid ugly face. The remainder of the household head turn off to reap a montage of funny rides without her.

Later, in the hotel lobby, DJ thinks the she sees Steve again yet then it transforms out that he’s actually there. They run in the direction of each other in sluggish motion and also then Steve trips and falls prior to they reach each other, i beg your pardon is actually type of practically funny.

Steve defines that the was likewise having monster hallucinations if they to be apart so he had to invest thousands that dollars to fly across the country and also stay in an overpriced hotel fairly than wait a couple of more job for her to come back. Climate they don’t have actually sex.

Joey approaches Stephanie if she mopes top top the beach and he asks her if she desires to go watch her sisters in the parade. Stephanie says that she’s pissed that Michelle gained to it is in the princess because that the day and also is sick of she getting everything she wants all the time. Preach! Testify!

Joey describes that by acquiring all pissy and also resentful, Stephanie cheated herself out of having a great time at Disneyland, which is actually sort of insightful. Then, together if to make certain that they don’t clear up for making a precious point, the music come on as Joey reminds Stephanie of just how upset she was when Michelle was missing and Stephanie concedes that she loves her. As if that weren’t saccharine enough, the next moment Michelle reflects up, complied with by snow White, who I guess has to follow Michelle approximately all day, and Michelle speak Stephanie the her last wish is for Stephanie to it is in the princess because that the rest of the day and also to get to journey in the parade. It’s weird how even when Michelle is gift nice she still has the cadence of an obnoxious asshole. Ns guess she can’t revolve it off. Actually, she’s probably simply making that wish to do Stephanie feeling shitty because that hating ~ above her every day. Finally, simply in case you aren’t barfing in her mouth already, snow White claims that since Michelle was so generous, the totality family it s okay to it is in in the parade. What a shocker! This perfectly aligns through the main moral class of full House: anyone who chooses to do the right thing will instantly be rewarded with every little thing they want.

Next there’s an extensive parade sequence in i beg your pardon the denizens that the full house room prominently featured while an unfortunate crowd watches and waves. Man, just once I’d choose to see these assholes end up somewhere wherein they’re no the main focus the everything. Seriously, these fucks could go come the presidential inauguration and also they’d still make it all about themselves.

Bringing this 2-part monstrosity come a climax, Jesse’s shitty band have actually their concert in front of a big crowd of world who more than likely thought they were there to watch Sting or something. Rather they’re required to endure a horrible cover of, “The Hippy Hippy Shake.”

Then Jesse dram a slow song that i don’t identify (I think it could be indigenous Pinocchio) as everyone sways in the audience. The fireworks come on and Danny mentions the he’s been trying come ask Vicky something all day before a large, fateful message appears in the sky.

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Dang, how much did that cost? Danny grabs Vicky and tells her that he loves her and asks her to marry him due to the fact that I guess putting the phrase in huge glowing letter in the skies wasn’t enough to clear up the request. That literally order it the end for her! She says yes for part unknowable reason and then lock hug, sealing their passionless romance because that the ages.

The illustration ends with a succession of shots the the characters hugging or dancing or making out or smiling like idiots together Jesse finishes his disastrous song, and with the Season 6 is fuckin’ done, son!