One of the most typical issues with any vehicle, consisting of the Ford Ranger, is once it has actually fuel press regulator issues. A poor fuel push regulator can cause all species of problems.

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Most modern-day vehicles have the fuel push regulator an installed on the fuel rail. Some may be in the fuel pump assembly, but this is seldom the case (although that is happening more and more).


Ford Ranger Fuel pressure Regulator Cost

If friend think the you may need a fuel pressure regulator for her Ford Ranger, they are fairly affordable.

Fuel push regulators in general are easy to obtain to, return the difficulty reaching castle will differ by version year and the engine equipped. Before purchasing a new fuel pressure regulator, it’s a great idea come check and make sure that it’s the component that you need to fix her Ranger. The symptoms of a bad fuel push regulator are comparable to a negative fuel pump or bad fuel filter.

What go a Fuel press Regulator Do?

Your Ranger’s fuel pressure regulator controls the press of the fuel prior to it hits the fuel rail. Keeping continual pressure to the fuel injection system is vital to the efficient operation of any engine. It appropriately controls the quantity of fuel start the fuel injectors, intake, and also combustion chamber.

Think that it prefer a damn through a flow of fuel behind it. It likewise saves wear and tear ~ above the injectors themselves. Too lot fuel press can destroy injectors.

Bad Fuel pressure Regulator Symptoms: Ford Ranger

A bad fuel pressure regulator have the right to put her Ford Ranger the end of commission. Here are a couple of of the most usual symptoms of a bad fuel push regulator:

A typical Fuel pressure Regulator Misfire– as soon as the fuel pressure regulator fails, that can permit too lot or too tiny fuel into the engine. Either way, this wreaks destruction on the waiting fuel mixture. There is no a ideal air/fuel mixture, the engine might run rough, misfire, hesitate, or fail to start at all. Leaking Fuel– If any type of of the seals in the fuel pressure regulator fail, or if the diaphragm fails, raw fuel will begin to leak. Alongside the loss of power and also fuel economy that this can cause, it’s a big safety hazard. Many of the time, when there is a fuel leak, it’ll it is in accompanied through the sharp smell that gasoline. Black Exhaust Smoke – one of the most common symptoms of a vehicle that has a negative fuel push regulator is the it’ll operation rich. The phone call tale authorize of a vehicle that is running also rich is the it’ll have black exhaust smoke. Decreased Fuel Economy– with the engine not running at optimal performance (and possibly dumping raw fuel) fuel economy will certainly suffer.


If you have most of the symptoms listed above, you may have actually a bad fuel press regulator. The next step is going to be trial and error it to view if it holds pressure, and also if so, the best amount of pressure.

Here’s a really an excellent writeup from AxleAddict on precisely how to go about testing your Ranger’s fuel pressure regulator.

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