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so it gained really cold and had about 4in of snow the various other day and the following morning walk to job-related I do the efforts to placed the windows down yet they weren"t quite thawed however so lock didn"t move. And now the prior drivers and passenger next windows will not walk up v the auto role but will certainly go down with the auto function, and also the back windows work just fine. Ns looked at the fuse layout but I didn"t see anything about the auto function and can"t fathom that being ~ above a various circuit simply wondering if everyone has had actually this difficulty yet, no a large deal but it is annoying.
Just reset the auto up/down duty by placing the home window down, relax the switch, push down again for at the very least 3 seconds, then turning back the home window (raise it) and also release the switch, lift the switch again because that at least 3 secs in order to reset the anti-bounce ago feature which will permit it to immediately raise or reduced the window.

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