Sport-utility-vehicles are very versatile with plenty of room because that both family and cargo, however there room some tasks that only a pickup deserve to do. For those nastier duties, Ford uses this explorer Sport Trac. It’s tough and also hardworking, but also friendly and comfortable. And for 2007 it’s all new. So let’s see exactly how Ford’s SUT to win an SUV once there’s real occupational to be done.

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To build a extremely versatile yet polite mid-size sport-utility truck favor the 2007 Ford traveler Sport Trac, you have to start native the soil up through a supervisor solid foundation. Ford’s brand-new mid-size pickup is constructed on an ultra-stiff ladder frame adjusted from the Explorer, the ideal selling SUV in the business. But similar to the an initial generation sports Trac, Ford did more than simply drop a crew cab and a bed ~ above an traveler frame. Ford designers stretched the wheelbase one extra 16.8-inches. This offers the sports Trac a 130.5-inch wheelbase, about the same as the also brand-new extra-long exploration EL, and provides enough length because that a complete size 4-door cab and the familiar 4.5 foot long composite cargo crate with exterior tie downs.

For cargo security, there’s an optional locking tonneau cover. And longer loads can be handled with an optional cargo box extender, while smaller sized objects can be stowed in 3 weatherproof bins in ~ the front and also sides of the cargo box.

Power to move hefty loads comes straight from the Explorer, an improved V6, and for 2007 a V8 together well. The base engine continues to be a 4.0-liter single-cam V6, but brand-new cams and also electronics push output to 210 horsepower and also 254 pound-feet of torque. However for the really large jobs, the sport Trac have the right to now it is in equipped with Ford’s 4.6-liter V8 with brand-new variable camer timing. Ratings room 292 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque.

Automatic transmissions room a 5-speed for the V6 and also an all-new 6-speed because that the V8, while final drive is by one of two people the rear wheels, or our check SUT’s manage Trac full-time 4-wheel-drive system. Maximum V8 towing volume is 6,800 pounds, or more than some V8 F150s, v payload topping the end at 1,380 pounds.

But job-related takes fuel, and also the sports Trac V8 is EPA rated at 14 city/20 highway; around par for a mid-size pickup. Our check loop drew 17 miles-per-regular great gallon of gas.

The outcomes of ours acceleration test to be brighter; 0 to 60 in 8.2-seconds, through slick shifts, with a quarter mile run of 16.5 seconds at 85 miles-per-hour. Not poor for a 4x4 truck.

Ford has actually vastly improved managing in the brand-new Sport Trac. Because that the very first time it comes fitted v an independent rear suspension. It’s the same extremely praised short-long arm style used on the Explorer. Plus, electronic stability control, v rollover mitigation, is likewise a component of every new Sport Trac.

With much less cab weight, cornering response is lighter and the drive smoother 보다 an traveler SUV. But push this SUT hard and you’ll find the soft suspension permits lots that front push with considerable mid-corner body roll. Yet, that additionally helps make the sport Trac a for sure drive, scaring off poor drivers long before any limits.

Braking is competent. 4-wheel discs through 4-channel ABS are standard. The soft pedal created stops from 60 of 140 feet. Stable yet could be shorter. For this reason the sport Trac is not quite our an interpretation of a sports truck.

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Of course with a larger 4-door cab and Explorer style, comfort, and convenience, the sport Trac is a long method from a bare bones sports machine, particularly in minimal trim v a long list the standards, and also top drawer choices like side curtain airbags with rollover deployment; two-tone leather for the supportive powered bucket seats; power flexible pedals; CD-changer audio v subwoofer and also Sirius satellite radio; dual-zone automatic climate controls, and also satellite navigation. Behind seat room is fine for also tall folk, and the split rear chair folds right into a large, flat cargo shelf.

Sport Trac is a very versatile sport-utility truck, and also one with prices that begin at $24,940 because that the XLT, and $26,540 because that the Limited. Our 4-wheel-drive V8 restricted has a base price the $30,235, and an as tested price of $34,325.

So if you’re in search of sport-utility-vehicle comfort through the dirty job capability of a pickup truck, us think the 2007 Ford traveler Sport Trac sport-utility-truck deserves a long difficult look.